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Siroc and Filomena's

Richelle Nov 4, 2010 03:36 PM

I in fact did go to both on this short trip to Washington.

SIroc I had gone too earlier this week, alone to dine, it was a beautiful place to people watch, read and eat fantastically well.

This time around at Siroc, I was not alone and did enjoy it twice as much, as mentioned elsewhere, the food surpasses Filomena's to the point, I would not place them in the same category at all.

The two appetizers I did get to taste was the beef rolls and shrimp which were served beautifully, which always seems to help, the visual aspect of a dish causing the mouth to water and crave even before it has been tasted.
I was not disappointed and not once did I have to salt which to mean says a lot.
The entrees were as delicious, one being the veal ossu bucco and the beef tenderloin. I should have had the pasta on hindsight, but I had thought that I was saving my pasta night for Filomena. Both entrees were awesome, both plates were cleaned off, the garlic potato puree so tasty and smooth, every mouthful a pleasure. The meat of both entrees were fork tender. I have to say that Siroc is becoming a favorite for myself.

I have to add that being able to have one or two glasses of wine with any meal is a plus and I welcome this change in restaurants, as a bottle can be too much on any given night when working the next day. :)

As for Fliomena's. I think this is one restaurant that all should at least go to a few times, also it is probably a great place to bring visitors, work groups and such, the pace is awesome, the decor enticing and the ambiance lively.

The service was also faultless.

For the appetizer, as I was trying to eat lightly before the pasta dish, I had the caprese and that did not disappoint, though the serving was large enough for two. This should have been a warning as the main meal was large enough to feed three! My own main was gnocchi with their homemade bolognese, the gnocchi was good, if somewhat heavy and large, I usually have my gnocchi with either Gigi or Romanella with a piquante olive oil, so this was a definite change for me. I ate about 1/8 of my plate. That makes me sad, it was good, but heavy and too large.

The other plate I tasted was the seafood festival plate served on black pasta, unfortunately the pasta was overcooked, that is not good, the seafood was ok, but bland and again, the serving so large, only half was eaten. Dommage. (too bad)

The best part was dessert, the tiramisu. It is light, flavourful and worth the trip.
What I saw that all patrons loved was that at the end of each meal, the waiter comes over with a decanter of amaretto or sambuca and sets the decanter on the table with glasses for the patrons to enjoy. Quite fun, but I was too full to take advantage. ((Also, I rather like a good grappa, not amaretto nor sambuca...lol)). Having said all that, I can assure you, everyone around us seemed quite happy with their generous servings, and so, perhaps it is just moi.

I do look forward to returning and experiencing more of Washington, so till December!

Siroc Restaurant
915 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

  1. monpetitescargot Nov 4, 2010 07:33 PM

    wow, i cant wait to try siroc now.

    and also, filomenas will warrant a visit if only for the sambuca decanter. seriously. it is my favourite.

    1. e
      Elyssa Nov 5, 2010 06:09 AM

      I think Siroc and Filomena are very different and are for different purposes.

      Next time you go back to Siroc get the gnocchi. It's incredible there and usually served with a cauliflower cream sauce. So good!

      In terms of Filomena, I always end up taking the leftovers home because the serving sizes are so large. If you didn't have a fridge at your hotel, you could always get it wrapped up to go and give it to someone on the street asking for money. I do this quite often.

      Siroc Restaurant
      915 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

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      1. re: Elyssa
        Richelle Nov 5, 2010 02:16 PM

        Good idea Elyssa! I shall indeed remember that!

        As for the gnocchi, thanks for the heads up, I am always looking for the perfect dish.

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