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Nov 4, 2010 03:17 PM

Narita City- Less than 21 hours total on the ground.

I actually land in NRT at 4PM on a Sunday. Staying in Narita City. Have an early morning meeting, time for an early lunch, and a 4PM Monday night flight out. Are there any wonderful places to eat in Narita City without going to Tokyo? THANKS

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  1. Checked on Tabelog for you and there's nothing that jumps out as "wonderful". There's an izakaya at the U-City hotel, some ramen shops and chain izakaya/ yakitori shops near the station. There's a decent looking unagi place, but it closes at 5pm. Narita is a little temple town, so usually means more lunch type options. If you take the local train west toward but not all the way to Tokyo, you'll have better options in Chiba City and Funabashi. If you really want wonderful, best to hop on Keisei Skyliner from the AP and ride 35 minutes to Tokyo.

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      Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. Since I am kind of stuck in Narita (I'll get to the hotel around 6PM) and my flight is at 4PM the following day, can you at least give me the name of what might be the best sushi and unagi place around...I'll do one for dinner and one for lunch..And probably do a ramen place for breakfast. Thanks!!

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        Sushi place- ...Chiba City is a large seaport though and will have many decent shops I would guess.......Ramen shops aren't open in the morning... Unagi place turns out is not near Narita Station.... There's a main drag in front of the station with many places for lunch.

    2. Here's a restaurant map from Tabelog that'll give you an idea of what's around Narita and Chiba.

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        If only I could read Japanese!!

      2. If you're in the mood for a nightcap, a friend highly recommends The Barge Inn, which was apparently named after a certain airline company. It's a British-style pub in Narita that's popular with airline crew and provides a free shuttle bus to several airport hotels.