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Jackson, MS - Eslava's Grille

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Anyone tried this place yet? I hear it is co-owned by the owner of Siagon. I'm intrigued...

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  1. Is this the Latin/Asian fusian place?

    1. I think Saigon's owner is the money behind it, but it seems like it will be more similar to AJ's -- Danny Eslava was the chef there. It's currently BYOB. I'm interested as well. If I can find a babysitter this weekend, I may try to go; if so, I'll post my take.

      1. Hoping to find a Latin/Asian fusion restaurant, I visited Eslava's yesterday. It is most certainly not an exciting fusion restaurant. It's menu may have been exciting 20 years ago but is tired today. Fried green tomatoes, greek salad, seafood pasta...nothing you can't find at 20 different places around town. Everything I tried was underseasoned and boring. The seafood was well-cooked but again, it was boring.

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          I finally tried Eslava's a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to like it...the owner was super friendly and sent a plate a fried fish to our table (no charge) for my toddler son to snack on. That being said, my mother-in-law's chicken was so salty is was nearly inedible. The food my husband and I ordered was so unremarkbkle that I can't even remember what dishes we tried.

        2. I've heard that the chef used to work at AJ's on the Lake and the focus is on seafood? Haven't made it there yet, but after reading a few responses I'm not that eager to go.

          1. a friend tried it about a week and a half ago and has been raving about it. i'm going to try it this evening so i will post a follow-up.

            1. i'm surprised by the bad reviews! i'm not sure how heavily seasoned people like their food but i thought it was all seasoned perfectly. i only added a tiny bit of salt to the fried green tomato appetizer app. yes, the menu is not adventurous in any way and it's definitely NOT latin/asian fusion (i heard latin/mediterranean but i'd call it straight up seafood.)

              the key to doing food you can get anywhere is to be outstanding at it and i think they did a great job. the fried green tomatoes were light and flavorful - the best i've had in the jackson area. the feta dressing for the salad was good and not a keifer's knock-off. i had the seafood platter and was pleasantly surprised to find when i asked that only the oysters are fried. all their seafood is fresh and it was great quality. the platter is tilapia or snapper - i chose snapper - topped with a lump crab in a light sauce that was flavorful but not overpowering. the piece of snapper was huge! the grilled shrimp was perfect, but of the two scallops one was just slightly overcooked but the second was rubbery. the oysters were good but i don't personally care for a cornbread batter which is what they had on them. the oysters themselves were great and flash-fried so they were done just right.

              overall i thought for $24 that was definitely more food than you will get on a $24 seafood entree at any other area restaurant and just as good as seafood i have had elsewhere with exception of that one overcooked scallop. i tried my friend's seafood pasta and i will go with that next time for sure. it had a slightly spicy sauce and was VERY good. i did not try my other friend's chicken pasta because i don't eat chicken but he loved it, he has had it before. i didn't try his bread pudding dessert but it had a strong vanilla scent to it, though he said he enjoyed it. i will try their desserts next time, they were out of the tres leches and flan (the only latin flair i saw on the menu).

              the only thing i would change is that because it was so slow tonight (we were the only table from 6:30 - a little after 8) the staff was very relaxed and sitting playing on laptops in an area of the restaurant that was at the back but not hidden from diners. i would put a simple divider up to separate that area from the rest of the restaurant. other than that, the service was great, i never ran out of water in my glass and our server (who may have been the owner? i got that impression) was very nice, quick, and promised free flan to my friend who wanted it specifically. i will definitely be going back.

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                Glad to hear that it was so good- will put it down on my "must try" list!