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Nov 4, 2010 03:04 PM

Jackson, MS - Eslava's Grille

Anyone tried this place yet? I hear it is co-owned by the owner of Siagon. I'm intrigued...

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  1. Is this the Latin/Asian fusian place?

    1. I think Saigon's owner is the money behind it, but it seems like it will be more similar to AJ's -- Danny Eslava was the chef there. It's currently BYOB. I'm interested as well. If I can find a babysitter this weekend, I may try to go; if so, I'll post my take.

      1. Hoping to find a Latin/Asian fusion restaurant, I visited Eslava's yesterday. It is most certainly not an exciting fusion restaurant. It's menu may have been exciting 20 years ago but is tired today. Fried green tomatoes, greek salad, seafood pasta...nothing you can't find at 20 different places around town. Everything I tried was underseasoned and boring. The seafood was well-cooked but again, it was boring.

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          I finally tried Eslava's a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to like it...the owner was super friendly and sent a plate a fried fish to our table (no charge) for my toddler son to snack on. That being said, my mother-in-law's chicken was so salty is was nearly inedible. The food my husband and I ordered was so unremarkbkle that I can't even remember what dishes we tried.

        2. I've heard that the chef used to work at AJ's on the Lake and the focus is on seafood? Haven't made it there yet, but after reading a few responses I'm not that eager to go.

          1. a friend tried it about a week and a half ago and has been raving about it. i'm going to try it this evening so i will post a follow-up.