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Oct 20, 2005 12:38 PM

Besides Ye Olde Kings Head...

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...where are some other "British-esque" haunts around town, where you could possibly down a good pint or five, and follow those with some bangers and mash or the like?


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  1. Ye Olde Kings Head closed years ago.

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    1. re: PaliBruin

      It was open last time I looked (ca. two weeks ago). Maybe you're thinking of someplace else. Ye Olde King's Head, 2nd and Santa Monica.

      1. re: PlonkMan

        King's head is definitely still open, you're thinking of someplace else.

      2. re: PaliBruin

        The Kings Head in Santa Monica is Definately still open, the owner, Phil Elwell, who recently sold lives just down the street from me.

        1. re: PaliBruin

          I think you are talking about King George IV at Arizona and the Third Street Promenade. The property is now the Gap.

          1. re: Andrew

            Ah, King George's. I used to live in the apartment upstairs before they turned it into the rest of the pub.

            Come to think of it, I never spent any time there I was always downstairs. ;)

            1. re: oc climber

              I was thinking of The Round Table on Wilshire. Sorry.

          2. re: PaliBruin

            Well then it reopened because I was there on Saturday.

            1. re: bringiton

              I think it was pretty much cleared up that the King's Head had not closed and the person who claimed it had was mistaken when this thread was first posted. . . .

              IN 2005.

          3. In OC

            The Olde Ship Pub. Two locations, one in Santa Ana and the other is in Fullerton.


            1. Robin Hood is the best and most authentic pub I've been to in town. I speak as the child of Birt ex-pats who routinely ship us back "home".

              robin hood is a haunt for other brits in the area. The beer is good, the laout and design righ on, the food just like pubs I visit in England. The wait staff is generally attentive and nice, and the nightly specials are pretty tasty.

              I reccomend the fish and chips, the steak and kidney pie, the scotch egg, the ploughman's lunch, the treacle saoked sponge cake with warm custard (oh GOD, YUM!) and lots of other yummy stuff.

              They do a good New Year's Dinner, a great St. Pat's feast (odd, that.) and you can have tea service like you'd get at my Grandma's house in the early afternnon. I'm not talking fancy-schmancy hotel teas. This is straightforwards: A choice of tea sandwiches, a pot in a knit cozy with cream and sugar, fresh scones, and a pice of mountbatten cake. Ahhhhh, makes me feel all warm and homey.

              13640 Burbank Blvd
              Sherman Oaks, CA 91401-5216
              (818) 994-6045

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              1. re: Diana

                How did I not know about the afternoon tea at Robin Hood?

                The fish and chips are the best in the city. I also like the cornish pastie and the sausage rolls. As an added benefit, next door is a shop that spells British specialties.

                You can see the menu, including the ales and ciders on draught, here:

              2. I've spotted "The White Hare" in Woodland Hills and it looks quitessentially British. Has anyone been?

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                1. re: e

                  I have...the food is so-so, but the beer isn't what any english pub would serve, with the exception of the cask/beer engine.

                  1. re: e

                    Not "White Hare," "White HART." A pleasant spot. Food is OK, though ready availability of mushy peas add to the luster. Their sauteed mushrooms are awfully good. It's pretty loud -- lots of TVs -- but the tables near the fireplace are pleasant on a chilly night. The former owner of the Piccadilly (a little farther east on Ventura Blvd.), who is a Big-Time Brit, is now a regular customer at the White Hart, which is a pretty good recommendation.

                  2. cat & fiddle - sunset (b/w highland and vine)