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Nov 4, 2010 01:10 PM

Bon Apetite 6th floor of The Bay downtown

Just discovered this 6th floor cafeteria with a beautiful view of the Old City Hall. open at 11:30 am week days (& Saturdays?) we are not talking gourmet food here, but good cafeteria food around $10. Unhurried, uncrowded hideaway best accessed by West elevators just outside west entrance to The Bay. A place to die for if you are a tired tourist (or shopper) and want to sit down to a generous serving of comfort food with an unobstructed view of the Old City Hall across the street. Any other opinions?

Bon Apetite
1176 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1R5, CA

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  1. The forum software auto-inserted the wrong link :)

    I hadn't heard about this place before, only about "Arcadia" or something. Did this place replace that or is there also a separate restaurant called Arcadia (Court I think?)

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      'Arcadia' was an '80s band made up of Duran Duran members Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor. 'Arcadian Court' is the legendary restaurant and event hall at the top of the Bay store at Queen Street.

      Aunties used to take their nieces shopping for fancy dresses way, way back in the day and then they would treat themselves to lunch at the Arcadian Court. It's very nice actually, and is a lovely event space.

      The cafeteria adjacent to it has good eats at good prices.

      Arcadian Court
      401 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5H, CA

        1. re: Kagemusha

          There are 3 restaurants on the 8th floor of the downtown Bay. They are: the Arcadian Court, Great Cooks on 8, and the cafeteria which is now named the Bon Appetit Cafe, but is also remembered as the City View Cafe (I think that some "City View Cafe" signage may still exists)