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Nov 4, 2010 12:33 PM

Where to eat in Manayunk?

Chow spouse and I have a rare night out tomorrow night and are thinking of heading to the movies in Manayunk. We'd like to get dinner before, someplace with fairly quick service and good food. Haven't been out that way in a while. What's good? What to avoid?

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  1. Two places to consider are Chabaa Thai Bistro and Mango Moon. They are owned by the same folks.. the former is a Thai restaurant, the latter a bar/restaurant emphasizing street food. I always enjoy the sausage appetizer at either place.Time wise you should be ok at either place.

    I personally am not a big fan of Zestys Greek/Italian food. Jakes Restaurant is good though quite pricey. I used to like Thomas, but have not been there in a while. I probably would avoid Kildares, as well as Manayunk Brewing where the beer is good the food is not their strong point. Derek's food is good, though that place can get very crowded.I personally am not a fan of Hikaru for japanese.

    Friends of mine have had good things to say about Beijing Homestyle, a newish Chinese restaurant. Especially recommend the dumplings. Another place to consider is Coopers Wine Bar. Emphasis is on pizza's,

    Have a great evening.

    1. For a table-clothed place, I'm always a fan of Bourbon Blue. A New Orleans feel.
      There is also a Turkish Cafe on Main street... Mezze Cafe. I've popped in a few times and grabbed a Doner Wrap or Falafel. Never been for dinner. Cute little place.
      Off of main street, theres the very casual Ugly Moose and a little further up the hill is Adobe Cafe. Great Duck tacos.

      Derek's is a little more "uppity" and trendy in my opinion and i wouldnt recommend. I've heard great things about Coopers and Jakes if you are more into the wine scene.

      My fave restaurant in Manayunk (as is many's) is Chaaba Thai, though it may be tough to be in and out of there on a friday night in order to make a movie.

      1. I haven't been to Mango Moon, but Chabaa is hands down the best restaurant in Manayunk.

        Most of my other experiences with Manayunk food have been adequate, but hardly memorable.

        1. Sounds like a clear winner! I'm usually pretty disappointed by the Thai offerings in Philly, but this seems like the perfect chance to give Chabaa a try. Thanks, everyone!

          1. The original post is old, but for anybody wanting a meal without regrets in Manayunk, I suggest Derek's on Main Street. The decor is stylish and modern, the place appears to be spotless, the service is welcoming and efficient, and the food is well prepared and attractively presented. Derek's is competitively priced for Manayunk. Parking can be tough and the place does become very noisy during peak hours, but I've always gone there slightly before the rush and have always been pleased.

            Main Street Cafe
            126 E Main St, Elkton, MD 21921