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Nov 4, 2010 12:12 PM

Heng Heng Pho / Vietnamese Restaurant

Popped in to pick up a menu this morning - after reading about it in some earlier posts. It smelled seriously good in there. Sign on the window showed that they now off bahn mi also. The window also had lots of diplomas and letters posted - the chef has some cred apparently.
But based on the good smells - I'm looking forward to going back.

Heng Heng Pho & Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant
10386 San Pablo Ave.
El Cerrito,CA 94530
510. 559-8083 Open Mon-Sat 10am - 8:30 Sunday also ...... hours?

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  1. I stopped for takeout at dinnertime and the service was friendly - two ladies very chatty. My deep fried chicken over rice was a large quarter chicken leg. It was tender, 5 spiced with grilled skin over a generous bed of rice. Maybe I'll ask them to cut it up for me next time. Grilled pork bun was also a good choice. Large portion of nicely charred pork pieces. Noodles were not soggy and the cucumber lettuce side crisp. Both dishes $5.75 each and fed three of us. I was given a cup of tea while I waited.
    There are only maybe 5-6 small tabletops. I'll definitely come again to try a lunch special.

    1. Chicken bahn mi $2.75, slightly more than Ba Le with more chicken. The Ba Le has more "Vietnamese" taste but this was a good sandwich. Hard choice when I'm in the neighborhood.

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        I tried the no. 4 Meat Combo bahn mi today - $2.75 - OK but I agree with Wolfe that Ba Le tastes more "Vietnamese" Starts with the bread - this is different from most rolls that I've tasted. It's a lot of bread - if I get another sandwich here I will definitely ask them to hollow out the roll. Also the bread itself has a slightly different flavor/texture. This amount of filling (meat & veg) would taste better if there were less bread. There was enough mayo but the vegetables needed a bit more dressing to stand out ....... also didn't taste any jalapeno - didn't think I had to ask for them. Still smelled good in there - bowls of pho looked tempting......maybe next time.