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Nov 4, 2010 11:45 AM

Thanksgiving - pre-brined turkeys or other take-out options for 10-12 people

I am looking for a few really good choices for a Thanksgiving meal. I will be traveling until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so won't have time to do a ton of cooking. Ideally looking for a brined but uncooked natural/organic turkey and some good sides. I know Whole Foods does a brined and herb butter turkey uncooked - which sounds good but wondering if any one has a better recommendation. Also heard about the Diestel brined turkey they offer at Costco from Nov. 18 to thanksgiving but I am worried they won't have any left when I get there the Wed before Thanksgiving.

I've seen a few caterers offer full turkey meals too...if anyone has a good recommendation there, I'd love to hear it. And lastly, Bi-Rite offers a full Turkey DInner Service, but I think it's a pre-cooked turkey. I was hoping to cook at home.

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  1. I am looking for this information too! I didn't even know of the Costco option.

    1. Looks like Williams and Sonoma has Williebird pre brined turkeys

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        Thanks. This looks promising as well. Right now it's btw Williams-sonoma and Whole Foods. If anyone out there has tried either, please let me know. Thanks

      2. I'm pretty sure Bi Rite also offered brined and uncooked last year.

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          Spoke to Bi-rite. They do pre-cooked and raw but not brined and raw.

          1. re: cubbee

            My mistake, sorry about that.

            Sounds like you have two good options already, but another suggestion would be Avedanos.

            235 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

        2. Cafe Rouge usually has pre-brined turkeys. They're doing heritage birds from Bill Niman farm (not Niman Ranch) this year. Scott the butcher says he likes them better than the Willie birds and the heritage birds from Frank Reese out in Kansas.

          Cafe Rouge
          1782 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

          1. Trader Joe's has uncooked brined turkeys -- available Nov 12 as I recall.
            I saw the announcement at the College Avenue (Oakland) store -- I presume it's available at other locations.