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Nov 4, 2010 11:12 AM

Whole Hog in Toronto

I have a friend who can get half a hog and we want to cure it, roast it, make sausages and pate. Does anyone know how much I can expect to pay per pound for a hog in and around Toronto?

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    1. re: gilbert1111

      I was actually wondering if anyone on the boards had any experience buying direct from the farmer or a local butcher.

      1. re: Kooper

        We just bought half an Ironage pig from Perth Pork Products. We paid $3.00/lb. I know this is expensive but it is a heritage breed.

        You can also try Beef Connections, I believe they also sell commercial (I think) pork. I can't comment on their quality or pricing as we've never bought anything from them before.

        You might also want to refer to this post that my husband posted when we were investigating the whole pig purchasing thing.

        good luck with your search!

        1. re: lyndak

          Hi many pounds was in a half? And was that vac packed and delivered to GTA?

          Beef Connections, unless their pricing has changed, was 85c/lb plus 45c/lb for processing. Basic processing means cut to your specifications and then in butcher paper. I'd pay extra for vac packing, unless I knew I was going to use it all within two months or so. All in, I think I paid less than $200 for my half.

          I found the quality good, but not wildly superior to store bought. The bellies, though, were pretty fat and made some excellent pancetta. And the other advantage is to have it cut exactly to your specifications.

          BTW, one of the only ways I was able to ever find caul fat was doing it this way.

          I think I'll try out Perth pokr at some point.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            Hi GG

            The total weight was 90 lbs. We had it paper wrapped and we went to farm and picked it up ourselves. They will vacuum wrap but it`s more expensive They cut it to our liking as well. We always pick it up fresh and not frozen (apparently not always a common practice)

            We also put down payment on a wild boar for pick up in December to replace our usual Christmas turkey.

            I highly recommend PPP meat.


            PS - Fred also mentioned that they filmed an episode of Lynn Crawford`s show there (don`t recall the name of the program) which will be aired in the spring so I expect it`s going to get much busier for them in the coming year...

            1. re: lyndak


              Lyndak, hope you see this message. Do you mind giving an update on your Perth pork products hog? I'm about due for another half hog (need to clear some freezer space first). Would like to know what you've got to say about the quality of the product and anything else that might be important to know.

              1. re: lyndak

                Lynn Crawford's show is Pitchin' In. The episode at Perth Pork Products just aired... it was great! The pigs seem to be raised in very good conditions. Please do post about your Christmas boar.

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