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Nov 4, 2010 10:55 AM

Best Hoagie in Conshohocken?

I know the dinner places in Conshy get a lot of discussion (trying Blackfish tomorrow night - very excited) but I work in the Tower Bridge complex and I'd love to know the best place to grab a good hoagie. The area seems to be chock full of little Italian delis - so which is your favorite?

Also has anyone tried the new Taqueria on Fayette, El Limon?

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  1. When I lived in Conshy 3 years ago, my go to hoagie shop was Ted's Place. Not a fan of their pizza, but the hoagies and steaks are (were?) mighty good.
    I wish there had been a tacqueria on Fayette when I was there.

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      I second Ted's place for hoagies. For Roast Pork Sandwich try Pepperoncini. Both walking distance from Tower Bridge.

      1. re: jcmods

        I give a resounding +1 to Ted's. There is not a better tuna hoagie in the area.

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          You had to remind me. Now I'm going to want to drive the 90 miles to Ted's. Too bad I'm traveling in the opposite direction this week-end. As a consolation I am headed towards a pretty decent lobster roll. More expensive and not as good as Ted's, but it will have to do for now.

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        I'm surprised no one mentioned Lenny's Italian Deli! On the corner of 9th and Fayette, it's an awesome deli/takeout joint with a mom & pop feel. Their signature dish I hear is the roast pork sandwich, but I'm not the hugest fan of that so I've never tried it. But I've had enough of their other stuff to say it's the real deal! Large sandwiches, everything homemade, nice and helpful if not 'quirky' employees.

        Also, I haven't been to it yet, but my roommate swears by the Deli on 4th. She talks about their great sandwiches and soups all the time.

      3. For cheesesteaks, chicken cutlet sandwiches and hot chicken breast sandwiches I recommend Pete's deli. I have never had their Italian hoagie, but they do have great rolls from Conshy bakery.

        1. I also work in Tower Bridge. Have never been to Pete's Deli, but for the money, I think Lenny's Deli has the best daily lunch special - Italian Hoagie, Chips & a can of soda for $5.95. You can't beat that and they're great. Would also recommend their pork sandwich and Spinach Omelette sandwich too

          1. I can't answer the "best" question, but wanted to mention that when we last ordered pizza from Tony and Joe's, we also ordered an Italian hoagie. I didn't try it but was told that it was really good. Another option is to drive up to Ridge Pike to Primo. (I'll be at Blackfish tonight as well. If the meat-filled pasta is on the menu, order it!)

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              We order from Tony & Joe's often. Their pizza and cheese steaks are always good. Also order Primo fairly often. Their Italian hoagie is DA BEST. It's just a little further out from the Tower Bridge complexes, so I was trying to keep it closer for driving and/or walking at lunchtime. Enjoy Blackfish - I'll get there one of these days.

              1. re: curly girl

                One place NOT to get a hoagie is Jimmy John's. I was brought in by the hype from their ads left on my car and from all the drunks that tell me its amazing (I dj at the Great American Pub on the weekends) and was told to go down there for some good late night hoagies (open till 230 am?)

                I went the following day, and was thoroughly unimpressed. They charged for certain condiments that would be free anywhere else, and they didn't have alot of condiments most places would have (eg. sweet peppers). The kosher dill pickle was nice though.

                1. re: paychecktoday

                  I never understood how Jimmy John's and Subway make a go of it in the Phila area, where finding a good sandwich is so easy. But something about these places appeal to people...

            2. Oops, forgot to mention that I've been to the tacqueria as well. I fell in love as soon as I walked in. I highly recommend to anyone who doesn't need nice decor, or a huge menu. Just good food, really tasty, and what stands out most to me is that it all seems to be made by people who just genuinely enjoy what they do.