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Nov 4, 2010 10:25 AM

Dim Sum at BK's Kitchen in Fremont?

Putting out an inquiry if anyone has tried their dim sum, and am curious how extensive the selection is.

BK's Kitchen
5492 Central Ave
(between I-880 & Timber St)
Newark, CA 94560

They claim to be one of those "made to order" places. Yelp's pictures and reviews makes it sound more like a HK style noodles/rice plates cafe with dim sum.

The only thing that caught my eye was that there was an ad in World Journal Chinese newspaper, stating that the dim sum chef came from Hong Kong's famous Lei Gardens chain (Tsim Sa Tsui East branch) but didn't state the name. Could this be a pseudo "Tim Ho Wan" (the one Michelin star el cheapo dim sum place in Hong Kong) a non seafood high end restaurant small place offering hopefully quality dim sum? Granted some of the Yelp reviews are not very promising, but then some probably expect more from a small shop.

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  1. place is so small can't see where there is any room on site to make the dim sum. would guess dim sum is made off site. dim sum tasted below average. head waiter/manager tries to upsell certain items saying how great it is. his recommendations are bullshit. items recommended were awful.

    on the way to the bathroom, you can sell the stacks of buns in wooden steaming crates in the hallway. more crates are stacked in the kitchen.

    wasted my $$ there. if you have extra dough, blow it here. very memorable bad experience.

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      Uggh terrible...I guess that's probably why they advertised.... thanks for the report.