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Different waffles -- like eggnog waffles

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I just saw this recipe for eggnog waffles. They sounded kind of good. Here's the recipe:


From a new site called FoodPress that aggregates food blogs:http://foodpress.com/

I'm thinking of getting my waffler out and making waffles to freeze and reheat.

Any good ideas?

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  1. I'm big on sourdough waffles. I make a batch at least once a week. Some favorite additions from last weekend's batch: cornflakes and bacon, apples and parmesan, green onions and feta, three cheese with jalapeno.

    1. Alton Brown's Pecan-Sour Cream Waffles are excellent. He serves them with burnt peach ice cream, I think, or some such. But I like them with a little syrup, strawberries, and bourbon (or whatever I have in the liquor cabinet) whipped cream. Also I coarsely -- not finely -- chop the pecans.


      1. Pumpkin waffles with or without pecans. Yum.

        1. grilled cheese waffles (add grated cheese to the batter)
          scone batter used in a waffle iron (it works)
          flecks of bacon (bits) work well
          grated fresh ginger
          I tried red pepper flakes and liked it
          certainly close to an eggnog waffle would be the inclusion of maple syrup, dark honeys or molasses in the batter

          1. Thanks for the link! Those eggnog waffles sound so good. I don't want any fried chicken with my waffles, though.

            1. Sweet potato with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar & toasted pecans/walnuts; these are fabulous served with a cinnamon cream cheese butter & real maple syrup

              Country ham, cheddar and toasted pecans

              Banana & granola

              Oats, peaches, and apple pie spice

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                Yes, I agree w/sweet potato, tho' usually I use butternut squash. Makes a really moist delicious waffle.

              2. Raised waffles are great and they freeze and reheat very well.

                1/2 C warm water
                2-1/4 tsp yeast (one package)
                2 C warm milk
                1/2 C melted butter
                1 tsp salt
                1 tsp sugar
                2 C all-purpose flour
                2 eggs
                1/4 tsp baking soda

                Put the water and yeast into a large bowl and mix them together. Let stand for 5 minutes or so. Add the milk, cooled butter, salt, sugar and flour, and beat until smooth and blended. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave on the counter overnight.

                When you're ready to cook the waffles, beat in the eggs and baking soda.

                Place batter into a very hot waffle iron until crisp and enjoy!

                1. Saw a recipe in a magazine where they made savory waffles to use as sandwich bread. Yum! But waffles are tender, and they were eating steak sandwiches. So, I'd I "overmixed" the batter would that make nice chewy waddle bread?