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Nov 4, 2010 10:10 AM

Can you help: Stonehill or Andrea in OC?

I am trying to decide between these two for our 6 month anniversary...any feedback would be great. I have not included Montage as she doesn't like French...I wanted to make sure it was some place that she could wear a dress.

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  1. I haven't been to either, but between the two Stonehill for the win. I've been reading lots & lots of bad reviews re. Andrea. And, Michael Mina is simply one of the best culinary talents out there.

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    1. re: food_yum

      I am not familiar with Andrea, but Stonehill is excellent.

      I would reconsider Studio at the Montage. I think that anything upscale and European gets tagged as French because Continental is too pedestrian. Looking at the tasting menu they have on line, there is nothing on there I would consider really French, except the Morbier. Sashimi, empanadas, risotto, grilled pork, cannelloni... The room is lovely and the view (if you eat early enough to catch the sunset) is magnificent.

      1. re: food_yum

        Between the two, there is simply no question. -- Stonehill is better. Both are quite expensive, but I have always felt like I got good value at Stonehill. And I've eaten there at least a dozen times. I have only been to Andrea twice, but on both occasions I was very glad someone else was paying. Very. If there is a rap against Stonehill, its that the menu has not changed often enough. Given that you haven't been there before, that shouldn't present a problem. Also, don't rule out Studio as too French. Its not like the only menu options are escargot and sweet breads. Both Stonehill and Studio are suitably formal and appropriate for dress up. Pick one for six months, and another for your first anniversary. BTW, congrats.

        1. re: 2intune

          Studio is amazing! We were just at The Montage yesterday, the setting is spectacular there. We celebrated our 25th anniversary at Studio, it was very memorable. :)