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Nov 4, 2010 09:31 AM

Lallibela Wagjag deal

I've never bought one of these coupons but this one looks good. Is it worth it? Is there a hitch to using them?

869 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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  1. You just have to watch what restrictions they put on it. So:

    # Expires March 11, 2011
    # Limit 5 per person. Max 1 voucher per person per visit
    # Valid only at the location chosen
    # Includes tax. Voucher has no cash value. No cash back

    It's decent, except for the expiry - unless you're close by to the location you choose or you know you're going to go soon.

    1. Yeah, like Jlunar said just read the fine print. Remember also you should be tipping on the non-discounted value of these deals. Plus, the tax is on the non-discounted value too... So, the meal can add up but still, you end up saving. This one is more than 50% off. SOmetimes I am tempted to pick up more than one but because this is a short expiry date (I prefer the ones that are a year or more) I will just be getting one of these.

      Wagjag is one of my favourites of the daily deal sites. They have multiple deals running at once, longer times to make a purchase, and a lot of locations currently active. Some of the halton deals have been really good too