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Nov 4, 2010 09:02 AM

Bella Ravioli, Medford: Silky Fresh Pasta Unlike Any Other

Much like the current discussion about Sophia's amazing silky rich creamy yoghurt ("yoghurt unlike any other") I thought some CHs might like to know about Bella Ravioli, a fresh pasta Medford institution. In the 30 yrs I have been going there, i have never had the feeling that they are known to the foodie community.
I was introduced to Bella's in the '80's when I worked briefly for Gerry at Peasant Stock.

What makes Bella Ravioli a real treasure is its pasta (just plain pasta; no 30 varieties) which is SILKY because it is not made by the extrusion method (which forces the dough into sheets, making it compact and dense.) Bella's pasta is made like home pasta where the dough is fed through rollers, and is able to keep its lighter, looser structure, resulting in soft silky mouthfeel. Second generation owners/pasta princes - michael and robert- are upbeat, friendly, helpful. They will also do special cuts (i am partial to taglierini- a width between linguini and tagliatelle) and i have also taken ingredients to them (cilantro, minced jalapenos) and they have incorporated them into their basic dough and given me finished sheets for my ravioli. Since their mom expanded the line of rav. fillings, i have not tried any of those though some are currently in my freezer.Btw, when i freeze their taglierini, i portion it out in the bags they give me and then i pull it apart and loosen it a bit before sealing the bag ; otherwise it can get too compacted/smushed together.

If you've never had Bella's pasta, you are in for a real treat!

Bella Ravioli
369 Main St, Medford, MA 02155

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      hope you like it , stripes. BTW, be careful; the fresh cut pasta cooks quite quickly. When I use their sheets to make canneloni, it's thin enough that i don't cook the pasta before assembly. It bakes up fine in its cloak of beschamel and marinara sauces.

    2. love this place. They used to be quite inexpensive too but haven;t been for years.

      1. I know that Bella Ravioli has been mentioned many times but usually in reference to Bob's. I like their cut pasta but find their ravioli too thick and not that good, which is weird given the name on the door. The guys are definitely nice and the shop is old world.

        BTW, Lacascia's Bakery up the block is a good place too, another old world place.

        Bella Ravioli
        369 Main St, Medford, MA 02155

        1. You nailed this one. When I lived in Medford, I was completely addicted to this pasta and their Ravs. I'd actually eat the fresh pasta raw on the way home. I liked the rigatoni and the spinich ravs. Their red sauce is awesome to make an easy meal too.

          Nice homey feel to the place too. You know your supporting a old local family owned establishment as soon as you enter the doors.

          1. I too perfer the taglierini width as it was what my grandmother made. I'll be there shortly to give it a try. Sounds great!