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Nov 4, 2010 08:46 AM

Sauce for sweet potato gnocchi?

Last night we made homemade sweet potato gnocchi with sage brown butter, from an epicurious recipe. I didn't love it and I suspect the sage brown butter was at the root. Anyone have any suggestions for alternative sauces? Something tomato based would be good since I have some diced tomatoes to use up. Although I'm not sure what that combination would be like as most recipes seem to call for oil or butter based sauces.

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  1. It does not have tomatoes, but I'm thinking that this goat cheese/parmesan/tarragon sauce from Food and Wine that I'm planning on tossing with some mushrooms and fettucine tomorrow might not be a bad thing for your gnocchi.

    1. Brown butter with sage and asiago

      1. I think this gorgonzola and roasted garlic cream sauce would be fitting:

        Personally, tomatoes don't seem like a very good match to me. What else is in your gnocchi? I can see them being delicious tossed with melted butter, a sprinkling of cinnamon, nutmeg, maybe granulated garlic, and a good dose of hot pepper flakes. Grated parm. reggiano or romano cheese might also be nice.

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          My thoughts exactly. The only way I could picture tomatoes would be to play off the tex-mex inclusion of pumpkin in a lot of black bean recipes, so a tomato/black bean sauce, but that would completely lose the texture and taste of the gnocchi. Save the tomatoes for something else and do a gorgonzola sauce.

        2. Did you not care for the browned butter sage all together, or was it just in combination with the sweet potato gnocchi? Do you want to stay away from oil/butter sauces? I like sweet potato gnocchi with ham, done kind of like a carbonara, w/ egg yolks.

          I also like this one but don't use chestnuts--usually walnuts or pecans because I have them in the house:

          If I want to go really simple, I'll just sautee ham in olive oil and garlic, add the gnocchi and then, if I have some, some cream and peas, like a paglia e fieno idea.

          1. my first thought was to make them up with a basil, red curry & coconut milk sauce, penang curry style.

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              This is a lovely idea, and could even use up some of those tomatoes!