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Nov 4, 2010 08:41 AM

Raw Oyster Bars in SE NH?

Can anyone recommend a good oyster or raw bar in SE NH? I went to Surf in Nashua last week and was happy to find oysters there, but I live east of Manchester off 101 and Nashua is a bit of a hike. Are there any good options on the Seacoast? Would love to find a bar with a good number of options (Surf had 3 varieties). Thanks!

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  1. Some of the best raw oysters I've ever eaten were at the Hanover St Chophouse in Manchester.

    1. Brookstone in Derry has a raw ahead to see what they have for varieties

      1. and if you can shuck your own - I just brought some Damariscotta (sp?) oysters up to my Dad's from Manchester's Free Range Seafood Market on Second St. - called me to say, "they were fantastic"!!! and easy to open