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Nov 4, 2010 07:56 AM

Last minute and first trip to Rome. Completely overwhelmed.

Ciao Chowhounders,

I am in the need of serious guidance. I have booked a trip to Rome with only 2 days notice and am besides myself going through all the postings. I leave tonight and have nothing booked yet. This is my first trip to Rome.

We are using Starwood points staying at the St. Regis. I think it is where all the other big hotels are by via veneto. I think it is nice to have one modern italian and one traditional. Not exactly on a budget, but mindful of prices. I am ok with one dinner that is more of a splurge as long as the food is out of this world.

1)I am looking for a dinner first night near the hotel.
Some ideas from the post are, Tavernetta 48, Il Bacaro, Vladimiro Ristorante (for special menu).
I have learned not to trust Trip Advisor for restaurants, but Vladimiro Ristorante does not have such hot reviews.

2) possibly dinner in Trastavere:
Options, Le Mani in Pasta (I here mixed reviews)
Roma Sparita
Antico Arco

3) third night no recommendations needed.

Thank you so much in advance.

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  1. You know, since this is last minute and you are already overwhelmed, my suggestion is to just go and enjoy the trip. If you really need some guidance, check out Katie Parla's blog and just go with one of her picks. Katie is always on the money. If I have learned one thing, reading through numerous posts and trying to find the "best" place will surely take the magic out of your trip.

    Buon viaggio!

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    1. re: ttoommyy

      That is great advise. Thank you so much. I am trying to just go with the flow, but my food when traveling (especially in Italy), is sooooo important to me. I just hate tourist traps and love good food.
      I will check out Katie's Blog.

      1. re: Lisa7781

        "...but my food when traveling (especially in Italy), is sooooo important to me. I just hate tourist traps and love good food. "

        Same here and that is why I highly recommend Katie's blog. She is an American who lives in Rome and has a very keen and discerning palette when it comes to Italian food.

        1. re: Lisa7781

          Here is a list of places centered on your hotel address - click on the names for further info.

          Tuna, a fish place on this list has been highly recommended here.

          try to eat your main meal at lunchtime at a trattoria at least one day and go for pizza at dinner. You will be less likely to eat among masses of tourists if you go that route, especially in the center. We have enjoyed armando, monti and la campana at lunch time - some others in the center that have been recommended here are gino, grano, lilli and matricianella. Katie's blog has some very attractive reccs including for some less expensive places and pizzerias. As an alternative dining neighborhood to Trastevere, You can easily get from your neighborhood to Testaccio, for example, for a pizza dinner or a typical roman meal via the metro. Put pizza or Testaccio into the Restaurant search with Rome,IT and you will get a list of places.

      2. ciao Lisa, I wrote you an email!

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        1. re: vinoroma

          Lisa - the St. Regis is not on or near the Via Veneto. However, if you meant the Starwood property Westin Excelsior, that hotel is indeed on the Via Veneto. Tuna is an excellent suggestion if, again, your hotel is the Excelsior.

          I echo your concern about Vladimiro (which is off v.V.). Consider having your hotel make reservations for you at Colline Emiliane which is roughly a ten minute walk from the Excelsior. However, if you are booked at the St. Regis, seriously consider Agata e Romeo which offers a very upscale but quite interesting food and wine. Jen Kalb's advice above is, as always, spot on.

          1. re: wristband

            I second both Colline Emiiano and Agata e Romeo, though two very different experiences.

        2. The original comment has been removed