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Nov 4, 2010 06:15 AM

PIT: Grandview Ave restos

Yes, I know they're all grossly overpriced and, at best, mediocre, but later this month I'm taking a family member out for a landmark birthday dinner where the view and the formality — the "total package," as it were — will trump the QPR. Le Mond? Tin Angel? What's the best bet on Mt. Washington?

The Tin Angel
1200 Grandview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15211

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  1. My two favorite up there are Monterey Bay and Isabela. Every meal I've had at either of these places has been fantastic.

    Monterey Bay specializes in seafood, and I love both their Ahi Tuna and their Swordfish. The bar is a good place to grab a drink, and the view in the bar is exceptional. The view from the dining room is also extraordinary, but make sure you reserve a table by the window, and do so early - they fill up. The dining room is a large space, not all tables have great views out the window, and it can feel a little impersonal simply because of the size of the space.

    Isabela, on the other hand, is a much smaller space, and all the tables have great views out the window. Their menu is a five-course, prix fixe, European menu. I've always felt my experiences at Isabela to be more intimate than those anywhere else on Grandview, and the food is very good.

    Either one of these restaurants would fit your requirements, I think. Both truly do offer the "total package" with good food, a great view, and enough formality to make the experience special.

    However, you did mention the LeMont. It is definitely a formal dining experience with the view and good, French food. Right now they are offering their "50th Anniversary Menu," which has some good options. With that said, however, I have to say that I think the food is better at Monterey Bay or Isabela, and there's certainly better French food to be found in the city.