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Nov 4, 2010 06:00 AM

kosher, pareve and nut free

I need kosher,pareve, and nut free cookies and cake for my daughter's birthday party.

Where in Manhattan can I get these?

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  1. for cookies, you can use Enjoylife or dr. lucy's boxed. I like lucy's better. Not sure on cake.

    1. Our bakery in Teaneck, Butterflake is a wonderful resource. I believe their products are also sold on

      1. thank you for your input. I will try those out.

        1. Shabtai Gourmet products are available around the city. i know you didn't need gluten-free, but they are kosher, pareve & nut-free. they make whole cakes, and it might also be fun for the kids if you get some of their versions of ring dings, swiss rolls, etc...