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kosher, pareve and nut free

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  • dskid Nov 4, 2010 06:00 AM
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I need kosher,pareve, and nut free cookies and cake for my daughter's birthday party.

Where in Manhattan can I get these?

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  1. for cookies, you can use Enjoylife or dr. lucy's boxed. I like lucy's better. Not sure on cake.

    1. Our bakery in Teaneck, Butterflake is a wonderful resource. I believe their products are also sold on kosher.com.

      1. thank you for your input. I will try those out.

        1. Shabtai Gourmet products are available around the city. i know you didn't need gluten-free, but they are kosher, pareve & nut-free. they make whole cakes, and it might also be fun for the kids if you get some of their versions of ring dings, swiss rolls, etc...


          1. You can also try Levanas Bakery at www.levanadesserts.com.

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              divvies is pareve and nut free etc

            2. I was also going to recommend Divvies. You can order and have it shipped. I know they don't have cake but they do have cupcakes and cookies and other treats. www.divvies.com