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Nov 4, 2010 04:56 AM

I need smoked salmon help!

I was in Montreal recently and had brunch at the Hotel le Crystal. One of the courses was half of a Montreal-style bagel with cream cheese and a very unique and delicious smoked salmon. Now, I've only eaten smoked salmon about 2-3 times total in my life (it always grossed me out as a child and I don't care for regular salmon), but this was absolutely amazing. It had an nearly translucent, deep red color - almost like sushi tuna and the edges were also faintly coated with some seasoning (crushed peppercorns?). It was one of my food highlights among a weekend of gorging with friends.

I live in NYC and would love to find smoked salmon like this, but the only stuff you see around here is your typical pink-ish, opaque, "lox". Is there a particular style that's similar to my Montreal experience that I should be searching for?

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  1. I think you will find what your looking for here.

    1. It sounds like you may have had pastrami smoked salmon. Example here:

      Also, the bagels you had at Hotel Le Crystal were Fairmount bagels:

      1. Or maybe you had gravlax, which is cured, not smoked? It has a more delicate flavor than lox and is typically translucent as well.

        1. where in NYC are you.

          if downtown manhattan is convenient to you, then russ and daughters. the upper east side i'd go to Sable's. upper west Zabars or Barney Greengrass

          1. It wasn't pastrami style, the seasoning was barely noticeable. Maybe it was Nova? The hotel's website says the salmon is house smoked, doesn't help much!