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Nov 4, 2010 01:05 AM

maggi noodles masala "tastemaker" recipe?

Ok, this is only going to be relevant to Indians on the list.

Does anyone know how to make the divine Maggi Noodles masala "tastemaker" mix? I haven't found a place to buy these seasoning packets except with the noodles, which are really low quality trans-fat containing abominations that I don't want ingest. But I hate to buy a package of noodles and throw away most of it just to get my hands on a seasoning packet.

So, to avoid waste, how can I prepare, or at least approximate, the masala mix from scratch?


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  1. Even I like the maggi tastemaker. I don't know the recipe but I can get similar taste by mixing regular garam masala with a little tamarind paste and some sugar. proportions of each of the ingredients, you need to try as per your taste. You may not get the exact same taste as tastemaker but close enough.