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Nov 4, 2010 12:15 AM

Oakland Grill, Oakland - what's good there?

Senator Barbara Boxer likes Oakland Grill, Oakland. What's good to eat there? They're open daily breakfast & lunch only 8am-3:30pm. Breakfast served all day; Soup & salad $7.95; Cobb salad 10.95; Carol Pear salad 8.25. Sat/Sun Champagne brunch $1.95 mimosas.

Oakland Grill
301 Franklin


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  1. Nothing I've ever had. Plus last time I was there, the service was incredibly bad, even though the restaurant was almost empty. Barbara Boxer likes Oakland Grill? I doubt she's ever been there for more than a photo opp and/or she likes them because they supported her campaign. Nothing against Boxer, mind you, just that I don't think she spends much time (or any) hanging out in Oakland.

    1. I agree with Ruth, no real reason to go. The first time I went I had a good benedict for breakfast but after several more visits decided it was a fluke. When the main appeal for choosing a place to eat is because you know you can always get in when others are busy, that is faint endorsment at best.

      1. ordered an hamburger medium rare there and actually got it medium rare. wasn't juicy though. fixings were very average. can't think of anything to recommend at oakland grill.

        1. Oakland Grill serves a decent American breakfast, nothing special but nothing bad either. I'd call it slightly freshened up diner food. I go maybe once a year with visitors and never had any problems but my expectations are set accordingly. As for Boxer hanging in Oakland, her son lives in Oakland and is involved in keeping the A's in town so it's pausible but perhaps unlikely a U.S. Senator would have much time to slum around in Oaktown.

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            She had a campaign stop there Tuesday. My guess is she chose the place not for the food but because a lot of her donors and volunteers work down there (public employees, public employee union offices, defense attorneys ...)

          2. Went once a long time ago, regretted it- specious sign claiming that it's one of the top 100 restaurants in the country notwithstanding.

            In addition to Doug, Boxer's husband has law offices in downtown Oakland.