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Nov 3, 2010 11:25 PM

Emery's Organic Blueberry Farm - New Egypt, NJ

Great pies ...

They have many (17) to choose from but keep in mind that Emery Farms is one of the largest if not the largest organic blueberry farms in the state of New Jersey. Our first pie was of course blueberry and It tasted like no other we have ever eaten, in a league of its own and served warm that evening with organic Stonyfield Farms vanilla ice cream - outa this world!

Well worth the trip. We plan to go again soon and sample a tri-fecta (three mixed berries), can't wait. They are closed from December 24th through April 1st of the following year, so if you plan on going get there soon

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  1. I concur. I've enjoyed everything I've had from them. In addition to pies, they have other baked good, jams and jellies, other country store type goodies. I wish I didn't have to drive an hour to get there. (Fortunately, DO and Dearborn are close; theirs are almost as good.)

    If you're anywhere close, go. And next year when you're at 6 Flags, take the 15 minutes to visit.

    1. I love this place, too! I recently found out about it and have been twice. One block before is another farm that I buy fresh beets, dill, potatoes, onions, and in August I was buying tomatoes from. So fresh and so cheap! I don't know the name of that farm, but well worth it!!

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        We just went here two weekends ago. Bought pumpkins, did the hay ride ($2), corn maze (3), and took the kids to the petting zoo. Then we went and bought a pie, jams, steak sauce, in the country store. If you can, I agree with many above, take a trip here. Scenic and good product. I also saw a sign for a winery a block away, so you could make it a 2-fer trip.

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          I drove to the winery, but did not go was only me & my 10 week old baby :) The scenery at the winery is BEAUTIFUL!! Definately want to get back!

      2. Emery's does indeed have great pies! We've had their blueberry and pecan on several ocassions. I think I even wrote something up on our blog over the summer about them.

        As for the winery down the road, Bgut is correct, and it is Laurita. Gorgeous facility that is worth the trip alone. The wines are a different story in my opinion, but that is just me. I didn't care for any of them. I was also a bit shocked at their pricing, as well as their tasting fee. Regardless, I'd go back just for the landscape. They really have gorgeous grounds there! -mJ

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          Have you ever tried a NJ wine that you thought was decent from any of the other winery's like: Cream Ridge or Renault or 4J's et cetera? The only wine I can recall that I enjoyed was a red from 4J's a few years ago. Just curious, thanks.

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            To answer your question honestly, NO! I'd love to know why these NJ winemakers can't make a decent Jersey wine. Considering we are in "The Garden State," you'd think that someone could grow great grapes in this area. If the Finger Lakes region in NY is growing and crafting nice rieslings, why can't someone do it around here? I think whites have a much better chance then reds in this area, but that is just my opinion... -mJ

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              I agree, JerzeyShore & njfoodies.
              We attended the Garden State Wine Festival at Allaire State Park for 2 years in a row, and rarely found anything worth buying.
              The few wines we liked, never tasted the same when opened at home.