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Nov 3, 2010 09:32 PM

Mini cocottes

Hi all,

I just received some mini cocottes as a gift and am now wondering what I can make in them. Does anyone have any recipes tailored to these? Soups, mains, or desserts, anything is welcome except recipes involving pork/ham.


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  1. All I know is that I want a few LC cocottes myself, for chicken or turkey pot pie, mac 'n cheese, bread pudding, shepherd's or tamale pie, even breakfast things like stratas, either sweet or savory. Anything you bake in larger casserole form, lasagna, vegetable gratins, steak pies or stews, can be adapted to these small servers.

    Here's a current link with some other ideas:

    1. Hi Sharon. I'm the OP on the other mini cocotte thread. I've only used them once, making individual apple crisps. They were great and stayed warm forever! I might try mini Lamb and potato casseroles over the weekend. I'll let you know how they turn out.