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Nov 3, 2010 07:34 PM


hi all! i'm traveling up to NYC from philly tomorrow for basement bhangra at SOB's, and i want to have dinner in NYC first but have heard the food there is so-so. keeping in line with an indian-themed night i was thinking about revisiting devi near union square - i haven't been there in about 4 years. is it still great? if not, any other recs for a fantastic indian place in that area? somewhere comfortable for a solo diner. thanks in advance!!

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  1. don't know if you'll see this in time, but, in case you decide to go to Devi, they happen to be on VillageVines ( If you can join up quickly (assuming you have a laptop or other internet access), it would cost you $10 to get a 30% discount for dinner tonight. Not bad if you're going there anyway! (You'd have to book thru VV)

    1. skip devi. service is terrible

      try a place in curry hill over on lexington bet 23rd & 29th or so.

      if you want interesting, check out Chinese Mirch. just ate there the other day, delicious.

      Chinese Mirch
      120 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

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        I've been to Devi 4 times and never had a service issue.

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          Wow, that was a place where I had a bad, bad meal and their meat tasted questionably fresh to me. Granted, that WAS a couple of years ago, but still. And it wasn't cheap, either!

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            It is not longer operated by Suvir Saran and Hemant Mathur is no longer the chef, so whatever happened in the's a whole new ballgame now.

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              You misunderstood. I was describing Chinese Mirch, not Devi.

        2. Have not read enough reports of what Devi is like now that Heman Mathur is gone, and Suvir Saran is no longer connected to the restaurant. I don't plan to go until I do. But I never had service issues in the past.

          Meanwhile Hemant Mathur is supposedly opening a new place soon, which I look forward to trying.

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            many thanks for the responses all! that discount website sounds awesome, i'll check them out next time i'm in town! my bus was delayed and i ended up doing an about-face and eating a quick (but tasty) lobster roll and lobster bisque at luke's lobster. i do have fond memories of devi from long ago, so they'll certainly be on the list for next time i am in town! many thanks for the responses ~ happy holidays! :)

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              Gutsofsteel: Have you heard anything about Devi since your Nov 4 post? Thinking of going (finally), as they're still on Village Vines.

              1. re: boredough

                Nope - not a word - no idea who's the chef these days. I'm waiting for Hemant's new place to get up and running.

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                  We finally got to Devi and thought I'd report in. The Bhel Puri (puffed rice with vegetables & tamarind) and shrimp & curry Masala frito misto were delicious. Husband & friend loved the Manchurian cauliflower, but I thought it had too much sauce. Chicken Vindaloo was mostly about the 'heat', with no complexity. The Masala fried quail was dry, and because of the scarcity of meat seemed to be all coating with no predominant flavor. The Tandoor-grilled lamb chops were perfectly cooked, tender, moist & flavorful. Service was good & venue is lovely.

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                    I need to get back to Devi. I had a pretty long conversation with Hemant when I was at Tulsi (his new place) and he pretty much said what Eater reported -- that is, that there's a new chef coming into Devi (or just arrived), that he (Hemant) was still going over to Devi a couple of evenings a week to oversee the kitchen, that the new chef will be trained by him and that he expects the food at Devi to stay at a top level. He also mentioned that he remains part owner of Devi and has an interest in ensuring that this happens. However, he also also said that Tulsi is his place and he wants to make sure that it is the best in NYC so he's putting his all there. How these statements balance is anyone's guess but I must say that I really liked my Tulsi meal and, as I said, will be going back to Devi in the near future. It would really be nice to have both clicking on all cylindars, especially since I find them significantly different & love his cooking.

                    211 E 46th St, New York, NY 10017

              2. Just went to Devi last week. Service was fine. Had way too sweet and overcooked cauliflower dish. House special Lamb chops were amazing -- very spicy but delicious. Crunchy fried okra side dish was wonderful. Prices seemed very high. Have had better meals for less money in Little India Lex/28th district.

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                  Where have you had better meals in Curry Hill in a similar style? I'd like to see your recommendations.