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Nov 3, 2010 07:03 PM

Is Haloumi supposed to be super salty?

I bought some haloumi today for the first time and OMG was it salty. It was like eating sea water, ten times as salty as feta, I literally could feel my blood pressure spiking. I tried to rinse it then pan fry it but alas it was still inedible .Maybe I was unfortunate enough to buy a bad batch or maybe I'm unaware of some preparation technique to mellow it out. Please enlighten me because I actually enjoyed the texture and the taste but could not handle the saltiness.

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  1. Saltiness if is a typical characteristic of Haloumi. When it is aged it is much saltier than the same cheese when it is not aged. I suspect you bought it stored in a brine. I don't think you got a bad batch, just the saltier variety. You can buy Haloumi that is less salty, just gotta make sure you ask for the milder stuff.

    1. Yep, it's salty. Try soaking it in milk or water for 20 minutes or so. That will help.

      1. Or, try Adnois, they have less salty varieties of similar cheese.

        1. I thought it was approximately the same level of saltiness as feta. I got mine at Whole Foods - can't remember the brand, It was delicious though. I'll check on the brand next time I'm there.

          1. Yes, halloumi is salty. The Cypriots seem to have a passion for heavy salting in everything.