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Nov 3, 2010 04:46 PM

Private Room for 12 in Montreal? Casual, Quiet, and great Food a necessity!

I already did my research, McKiernan's sounded like the best but its booked, BICE is booked, which other nice restaurants do you know that have Private Rooms for 12?
Please help!

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  1. I heard someone say Sho-Dan does private rooms. They were talking about the old Rene-Levesque location, but I'd guess they would do it at the Metcalfe location too. Worth looking into.

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    1. re: socialhvn

      they do have private rooms at Sho-Dan on Metcalfe, 2 of them

    2. Try doing a search for 'private room' on this board. Here is a little something to get you started:

      1. Toque! has a very nice private room and excellent food, but not sure of your budget - they are very expensive. Here is a link to their group reservation page:

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          1. re: CookEatSleep

            Hi thanks, yes I found them and they were booked - would have been perfect!

        1. I just read on the website of Les 400 coups that they have a private room also.

          1. So I found a few for future reference:
            - Otto - room seats 12
            - Da vinci
            - verses - room seats 12
            - Da Emma
            - la chrnonique
            - McKiernan's
            - DNA - seats 12
            - Fereira - seats 12
            - Bice
            - bonaparte
            - europea - seats 30