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Nov 3, 2010 02:51 PM

Bristol, RI ???

looking for a good NY or Sicilian pizza

and any other good restaurants.

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  1. Papa Joes on hope does nyc style pretty good,Sams on bradford makes a pretty great sicilian thick crust pie.wood st pizza makes a good pan style,the party sized are huge!!Bristol has almost as many pizza places as dunkin dounuts,crazy!!Samanthas in warren does a really good new york thin crust,worth the drive......

    1. Wood street Pizza has a special pizza every month. This month it is a Spicy Crab and Corn Pizza. They come up with some nice ideas. I normally order a pizza every week from Nello's pizza.

      1. Papa Joes Wrap Shack is by the far the closest to authentic NY style you will get in the East Bay/Providence area for a fair price. Try their wraps too, I usually hate wraps, but almost every single one is awesome. I worked in downtown Bristol for years and this was my go-to lunch spot, my favorite wraps were the fish & chips, veggie garden (or whatever its called), the southern gravity and the bristolian (fried calamari, banana peppers and garlic mayo). The bristolian decadent and delicious but it will leave you feeling more like napping than working...