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Nov 3, 2010 02:12 PM

Prairie Alehouse in Eden Prairie

Anyone know if they opened yet. I thought I read they were shooting for Mid October.

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  1. still not open....drove by this morning....looks like they might be getting close to putting the sign up! Wish they'd hurry!

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      1. re: disniac

        Thanks AKA...It's a new Gastropub by the former owner of Town Talk Diner.

        1. re: kriminalrat

          Has the Town Talk taken a hit? Had a few nice meals/drinks/malts there over the years...Hope they are doing OK.

        2. re: disniac

          •Prairie Ale House, 16396 Wagner Way, Eden Prairie

              1. re: KC612

                Oh weird. We used to go there. I'll have to pop into this new place.

      2. According to the EP paper, they are opening this week:

        Am I the only one that thinks this? If a restaurant has a twitter account they should use it to announce things like this... Wouldn't be too difficult, right? They haven't tweeted for over a month...

        Prairie Ale House
        16396 Wagner Way, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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          I think they are in their "soft opening" period. Without any fanfare the place has been packed each night I've driven by this week. They hope to be open for lunch as well next week, and then on the weekends for brunch. Having opened a restaurant I can think of a million reasons why they haven't gotten around to tweeting yet. I can't wait to go....

          1. re: BPfahnl

            I drove by and it looked like they were open but wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification.

            1. re: BPfahnl

              You are right, they are "soft" open right now. We stumbled in there late Fri night to check the place out to find it open.

              We just had a few drinks (beer only), so I can't speak to their food, specialty drinks, etc.. When you walk it you are confronted by a huge bar. To the right looks to be mostly 'bar' seating, high top tables, another bar down one level, game room in the back, etc. To the left must be the sit down table area (didn't venture that direction to confirm). The whole place has dark wood paneling that must have been be recently stained as the stain smell was pretty strong. Overall, a nice looking place, a bit on the plain side of things decoration-wise, but maybe they are still in the process of finishing those things up. I did get a look at the menu and that looks really interesting, so I will be back in the near future to check that out.

              They do have a website up now and it does have the food and drink menus up:

              1. re: WeZeL27

                I'd be curious to hear what others have thought of the Prairie Ale House. I've been there twice now. Both times I felt the food was fine, but nothing blew me away.

                I had a grilled cheese sandwich with ham for lunch on one trip. It was $11, so I was expecting a Sandwich (as in something special). It was just a basic grilled cheese with a little ham inside. It was painful paying $11 for that. Also, I was with a friend who has a toddler. The server brought out my friend's son's hot dog with jalapenos on it! It never occured to the server that a 2 year old should probably not be getting a dog covered in jalapenos, so we had to point that out to him. Then we waited awhile for a new one, with a now hungry and crabby 2-year old. So that was a bummer.

                I just wish the food was a little more special (as special as it sounds in the menu), or that the prices weren't so high. Especially during the lunch hour. It's so nice to have them in that location.

                Prairie Ale House
                16396 Wagner Way, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

                1. re: BPfahnl

                  I still haven't made it out there, but sounds like whoever wrote up the menu did their job to sell the dishes.

                  1. re: BPfahnl

                    My wife and I went to the Ale House twice. The first time we saw a very full bar area when we were walking to the door and turned around since we didn't want to wait. The second time, there was only room at the bar. No problem, they are obviously set up to serve food at the bar. The first bartender greeted us promptly and took our drink orders, so far so good (although no Surly). There appeared to be two or three additional bartenders, it was difficult to tell because they were all moving very quickly back and forth behind the bar to the point of distraction. I will chalk this up to a new restaurant with staff that have not jelled yet.
                    The menu was very well written and the food sounded delicious. I had the Pressed Chicken with Butternut squash bread pudding and creamed greens. The chicken was average, the bread pudding was a large brick, delicious is spots but very inconsistent texture, the creamed greens were the best thing on the plate and I am not sure what greens were in it.
                    I was planning to have a second beer during the meal but the very busy, non-observant bartenders never noticed my empty glass.

                    We will probably give the Alehouse a good 6 months before we go back. I'd like to think the staff and food issues will improve as the newness wears off.

                    Prairie Ale House
                    16396 Wagner Way, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

                    1. re: iceracer83

                      Was there 2 weeks after opening. Had some kinks but shows promise. I had the Ham/cheese melt. It was good. I think they have a solid gastro pub menu.

                      1. re: kriminalrat

                        First visit - I'm going to give the place a C-.

                        I had the meatloaf sandwich with onion rings. Meatloaf was average at best - nothing special - bacon wrapped part was soggy. Rings were very good - but a bit expensive at a $2 upcharge for 3 rings.

                        The boss had a grilled cheese with onion and egg. It was OK.

                        Our daughter had a hot dog and fries - the dog was very good - the bun tasted dry and old. The fries were OK.

                        With a beer - for the three of us - the bill was $36 + tip.

                        I'm dissapointed - I was really excited to see this open up. Not sure I'll be back.

                        1. re: LuvsBBQ

                          Now that this spot has been open for awhile can anyone report on how their doing?

                          1. re: kriminalrat

                            I went a couple of days ago and was impressed. Everything was solid. Nothing groundbreaking but excellent gastro pub food. I had the Ribeye and the blue cheese sauce complimented the steak nicely. With a good beer list I am really happy to have a go to spot in the western suburbs.

            2. I went here today, and frankly my experience was not that great. We arrived around 12:15, not busy at all, still waited for 5minutes for someone to seat us at one of the many empty tables. Our table must have been just cleaned, didn't appear to be wiped down, but rather sprayed with a fire house, it was soaking wet, as were the menus that the host just set down, and our napkins. Our waitress seamed annoyed when I asked for a towel to dry the table. The food was ok. I had the loaded burger, which was actually quite tasty, had a nice char grilled flavor, however i couldn't keep it together, it didn't want to stay together at all. My sister, had a sandwich with egg, ham, bacon and cheese, it was Ok, but it was a salt overload. The fries were terrible, Warm at best and very soggy. I can't really think of a reason why I would go back. There are many other places where I can get that same burger.

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              1. re: breiter19

                I really hate it when a table is wiped down probably with a germ-laden cloth and then left wet.

                I'd really rather just wipe it off myself.

                1. re: karykat

                  Been a while since we were here and three of us went last night for drinks and snacks. We had three different flavors of wings - I'd suggest sticking with the buffalo style. They were cooked perfectly - nothing crazy but very good.

                  We also had the cheese curds. They were very light almost tempura like and again very good. The cook made some chinese mustard for us and the combination was great. The service was great and the drinks were very good. We'll be back. They are no longer open for lunch - we left around 10 pm and the place was pretty busy.