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Nov 3, 2010 01:53 PM

amy's kitchen products found at rockland kosher in monsey

i was in the health food store upstairs from rockland kosher and found amy's kitchen products there such as their salsa with ner tamid k and soups that just had a k with pareve.
any new news on this product line.

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  1. The title of your post is a bit misleading. Your title implies that this brand is carried by Rockland Kosher, but in your post you wrote that is carried in the "health food store upstairs from rockland kosher". Does Rockland Kosher own the health food store upstairs? Is the health food store under any kosher certification?

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    1. re: jdh11

      the health store is in the rockland kosher building and staffed by people with payos etc. it is a building where outside there is a sign to basically dress modestly-no sleeveless shirts etc

      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        I think everything in that shopping center is kosher/frum.

    2. It is a national brand readily available nationwide in Whole Foods and other national chains - I can tell you it has saved me while traveling. I especially enjoy their Tamales -

      In regards to their certification this is a link from the above web site

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      1. re: weinstein5

        In direct correspondence with Amy (the Amy?) of Amy's foods, they stated that as a small family run company they sought a small hashgacha. One should note that they are a rather large operation based in California and chose a small NY-based hashgacha without a good reputation. Whether or not they are indeed kosher or whether one accepts this or that hashgacha, it is generally telling (ie. not a good sign) when a company with national distribution goes out of its way to avoid local or well known national supervision. Much smaller companies can afford reliable hashgochot which adds very little to costs if the factory is really fine. Caveat Emptor and ask someone in the know.

          1. re: Abigayil

            It's now at

            All Amy's products are certified Kosher except for:
            Black Bean Tamale Verde
            Light and Lean Spinach Lasagna
            Light and Lean Cheese Pizza
            Light and Lean Italian Vegetable Pizza
            Light in Sodium Vegetable Lasagna
            Southwestern Burrito
            4 Cheese Pizza
            Single Serve Roasted Vegetable Pizza
            Roasted Vegetable Pizza
            Single Serve Rice Crust Roasted Vegetable Pizza
            Lentil Vegetable Soup
            Light in Sodium Lentil Vegetable Soup
            Fire Roasted Southwestern Vegetable Soup
            Southwestern Black Bean Chili

        1. I'm not understanding the actual question here. The hashgacha on the product line is not new. It's certainly not one of the unquestionably accepted hechsharim, though.

          1. The chasidishe liquor store in Teaneck carries non-kosher products - the presence of payos does not insure kashrus.
            I find it hard to imagine the Ner-Tamid is up to chasidishe standards.
            I suppose the best thing to do is ask them.

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            1. re: RJeff

              i did and they said to consult my local rabbi on questions about the hasgacha. when I asked them about what the hasgacha was on the Amy's kitchen products that just had a K and pareve (salsas)., they did not know

              1. re: koshergourmetmart

                Amy's products are under the supervision of Rabbi Barnett Hasden of the "Ner Tamid K." The documentation I have, though, does states that the supervision is valid through November 5, 2010 (!)

                1. re: robocop

                  That's Bernard (or Dov) Hazdan.

                  1. re: zsero

                    I read it right of the piece of stationery forwarded to me by Amy's.

                  2. re: robocop

                    I know that the crc in Chicago does not accept that certification.

                    1. re: chicago maven

                      if the crc and other rabbis do not accept, then I was wondering why it was being sold in ultra-frum monsey

                      1. re: koshergourmetmart

                        I think it goes back to whether the store itself is under hashgacha. If so, contact that Rav/Va'ad. If not, like any other place, it's caveat emptor.

                    2. re: robocop

                      I have a copy of the Ner Tamid K kashruth certificate for Amy's Kitchen, Inc. on my desk, and it is valid through 11/5/12, and is subject to renewal at that time.

                2. For all those interested. First, be aware that just becasue something is in a store that is kosher doesn't mean that the certification is to everyone's standards and the store could make a mistake. Second, I have questioned the health food store about certain products that are with certifications that are very not recommended. Their response was that they don''t check these out. If it has a certification than that is good enough for them. They have a sign posted that states that they are not responsible for the kashrut (kosher level) in their store. The only problem is that they post the sign on the back side of a pillar that no one usually sees. I too assumed at one point. Buyer beware. Don't assume anything.