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Where to find this Japanese snack?

I recently had a craving for this and voila, I found it at JTown last weekend! Except that they only had them with cinnamon, almost the only flavour I am not too keen about. They typically come in plain, or with green tea or black sesame.

They are called Namayatsu Hashi or just Yatsu Hashi, originally from Kyoto, Japan (and so I am happy to see them here). Does anyone happen to spot other flavours recently elsewhere in Toronto?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sorry, I can't help you, but thank you for putting this on my radar!

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      You are welcome! You probably know of other sweet, chewy snacks made with rice flour but this is one of the more delicate ones in texture and taste. Not over-the-top sweet like most others.

    2. Actually, if they're from Kyoto they typically add cinnamon which is the most prevalent varietal compared to plain/green tea/black sesame. Cinnamon is actually Kyoto's version of plain Yatsu Hashi.

      I've never seen anything other than those flavors in Toronto however.

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      1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

        Yes, I realized that right after posting, when background checking to see if I got all the facts right ;-) It always baffles me that cinnamon is an ingredient in traditional Japanese cuisine.

      2. saw green tea nama-yatsuhashi in J-Town a month or so ago.

        1. Those look awesome. I've never heard of them -- can comeone explain what the are exactly? Rice flour pastries, I take it? I love black sesame AND green tea AND cinnamon, so this sounds right up my alley.
          J-Town the only place for them? Or would they be around at, say, T&T, by any chance?

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          1. I'm not sure either, but from the *sounds* of it, perhaps it's similar to the Korean rice flour dough-y snack that I get for Korean Harvest called songpyeon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songpyeon
            )You can find these, and a fun-looking cake made with coloured & layered rice flour (mujigae dduk) in Korean supermarkets such as PAT. Probably different, but you might like it! Also, they're surprisingly very easy to make. Wonderful for potlucks since they keep well. Yummy.

            Erin =)

            1. i'm impressed that jtown has this! i've only ever had this in japan!

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              1. re: lilaki

                Me too! It seems that T&T no longer carry as many Japanese imports as before, so J-Town is becoming again my go-to place for these things.

              2. Am I the only person who was confused by the title?

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                  No, not at all, I totally thought it was the usual meaning for WTF and didn't even open the post for a while thinking it was just a rant.!

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                    I was also confused by 'wtf' in the title...I still am.

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                      The Wisconsin Trade Federation changed its name to the Wisconsin Federation of Trade so as not to be known as WTF. :-)

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                        Haha, nope! I actually checked out the thread because it had such a curious title and then had an "ooooooooh..." moment after reading the post.

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                          Oh. I myself used have the same reaction about this acronym. That is, until I saw it being used often enough, even on CH, to refer to "where to find", and thought it has become the norm. Maybe this board is more old school than others?

                          I will still be posting a lot of where to find's in the future, but with all this reaction, will revert to avoiding this provocative acronym from now on ;-)

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                            Ok, thanks for clearing up the wtf . I too avoided this post because of my association of wtf with stuff that I generally don't care to read. Now that I have opened it though, I have discovered another acronym that I don't know: J,town. What does this stand for (never going to assume the obvious again) and where is it?

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                              J-town is a Japanese grocery store/market on the north side of Steeles, between Woodbine and Victoria Park. They have a bakery, cafeteria style restaurant, and fish market there as well as some other random Japanese goods.

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                          Thanks for all the feedback.
                          Perhaps we can adopt W2F for 'where to find'?

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                            Sounds good to me! Although I must admit, I still get a kick out of the current thread title. :)

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                              Okay, I'll just use ISO (in search of) from now on!