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Nov 3, 2010 12:57 PM

Atlanta Airport area finds

Hey all,
I searched the board for Atlanta Airport area food finds (especially w/o a car), but came up fairly empty. But on my trip (I was in the area to take an exam), I found two tasty places that are definitely worth a visit!

Zab-E-Lee Thai
4837 Old National Hwy
College Park, GA 30337

Tropical Cuisine
4899 Old National Hwy
College Park, GA 30337

Both of these are cheap (<$20) ethnic cuisine that are really quite good. Zab-E-Lee is owned by a real Thai family, and they aren't afraid to spice it up as is customary in Thailand if you ask for it. There's a surprisingly well-balanced combination of spices and flavours in their food. I had the pork red curry which was very good, and the tom yum gai was fantastic: clean, savoury, sour, and spicy. The mixed seafood spicy basil was not quite so successful (the seafood tasted a little like it came in a frozen mix), but if I had the chance, I would definitely go for their fried fish in sauce or roast duck in curry.

Tropical Cuisine is a mixed Jamaican/Indian place, and I got the shrimp/chicken pasta (which is neither jamaican nor Indian, go figure) with a side of collard greens, and I was impressed by how fresh and perfectly cooked the shrimp was. The collard greens were very tasty as well. The takeout customer I was chatting with as I waited (they make everything to order) said that it was one of her favorite places because everything just tasted fresh there, made with good ingredients.

Based on some other reviews, I wanted to try Crave Bistro, but sadly, it appeared to have closed.

Tropical Cuisine
4899 Old National Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30337

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  1. Here's a few from my shortlist. No idea if they still exist.

    1640 Virginia Ave, College Park

    African Kitchen Soul Food
    (West African or Nigerian)

    Grecian Gyro
    855 Virginia Ave, Hapeville
    (but if it's anything like the one in Tucker then you probably don't want it)

    1. Bole does still exist, and I hear it's really good and authentic.

      Grecian Gyro is a favorite for the neighborhood.

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      1. re: rcburli

        Just had dinner at Grecian Gyro. My kids love that place.

        Grecian Gyro
        855 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30354

        1. re: rcburli

          Zab-E-Lee ... when I did Lakewood and stayed down by Flat Shoals, I'd pick up green curry to go at least once or twice during a week end. That was many years ago - but I was my favorite place for a long time. Everything was fresh, tasted just picked, and the owners were delightful and made things Thai Spicy. Excellent well balanced larb too.

          Last time, and that has to be at least 4 years ago, it had suddenly changed hands. My impeccable green curry was now salty and greasy. Twice. And so I took it off my list. Now I stay in Morrow, another culinary wasteland, but found a restaurant dot com coupon so I'll try it again. Fingers crossed that it's decent. If not, the coupon will pay for the gas...

          Anything I'm missing in the Morrow area? I sent friends over to Taqueria La Oaxaquena on Mt. Zion. which they really hated (he liked, she wanted iceberg lettuce salad), but which I think is terrific. There's a new Caribbean place on Jonesboro Road too, anyone been? Otherwise, we end up at Dao Loi.

      2. I like The Brake Pad on Main St, College Park. It has a great, well thought out menu, and a very relaxed atmosphere. A favorite of mine in south Atlanta.

        Brake Pad
        3403 Main St, Atlanta, GA 30337