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Nov 3, 2010 12:17 PM

In search of the giant burger near Tampa

I have a friend that will be visiting from Belgium in April. One of his biggest requests is for a great American burger. I remember hearing about a restaurant in the Tampa area that serves a gigantic burger along with a lot of other exotic foods such as alligator, rattlesnake and kangaroo. Can anyone help me find this restaurant or recommend others that we might like to try? I want to make his US visit a very memorable one.

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  1. I think that would be Spoto's

    1. Tank's tap room in Carrollwood has an 8 pounder. Food network did a show on it a while back:

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        HOLY COW, 8 POUNDS!!! pardon the pun.... that's INSANE.

      2. Take him to El Cap, the Chattaway, Square One Burgers, or the Burger Monger. There certainly are others which I am sure fellow Chowhounders will mention. Go for an excellent burger, not a big one. When you get a huge burger, the proportion of toppings and bun to meat is usually out of whack, making the food not taste as good.

        Cool Mo's in Sarasota did a very good big burger (three half pound patties), but they are out of business now (alas!) and they only accomplished it with weird cooking techniques. If you are set on big, I would recommend 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, which does a good (but not great) big burger. I can't think of anyplace that does a HUGE burger well.

        1. Do you own a grill? I can't think of a better burger than one made by hand and grilled outdoors. Go out for a burger one day, but on another, go to a meat market and have your hamburger ground fresh, get your favorite toppings, and grill baby grill. I don't know if there's a better way to experience a burger than in a smoky backyard with copious iced down beer. A restaurant can't really compare, unless you must have fries.

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            this board needs a "like" button :)

          2. Thanks everyone. You gave me some wonderful suggestions. I think I'll leave it up to him where we go and take Andy's suggestion and make him one on the grill as well. ^_^

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              So how did it go with your Belgian friend? What burgers did he try? What did he think? When I read your comment, I thought your friend was talking about a huge but normal burger (e.g., less than two pounds), but other people thought he meant some kind of megaburger, not really intended for one person. Which was it?