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Nov 3, 2010 11:55 AM

Takeout, bakeries, specialty shops et al in Union County

We'd be grateful for recommendations for top-notch fare in the home-style tradition - not necessarily fussy, fancy foods, but takeout spots, bakeries, specialty-food shops and the like where the quality is high. If there's a restaurant that does home-style well, we'd love to know about that, too.
Any type of cuisine - be it ethnic or American or something showing the unique voice of the chef/cook behind the scene - would interest us. We're just trying to find sincere, homey foods of all stripes. Thank you for any help y'all can offer.

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  1. Pinho's bakery in Roselle for old-school pastries and cakes.

    Mr. J's Deli in Cranford for sloppy joes -- the Jersey kind with cole slaw and Russian dressing.

    1. There's a really good bakery in Westfield, Bovella's. Italian cookies that are top notch. It's on the corner of East Broad. Second Mr. J's in cranford. (I've been wanting a sloppy joe, but I'm pregnant and can't eat the cold cuts - it kills me every time I drive by).

      Cranford, there's also a decent crepes restaurant downtown and a new cheese shop/British import/tea shop.

      Galloping Hill in Union does great hot dogs.

      Thailand Restaurant in Clark does good thai. It's in an old diner, which always cracks me up when I drive by.

      Newly opened in Westfield is Alan's ORchard, a shop that sources only local yummies. Check out the Griggstown pot pies (awesome) and the local cheeses. Also some baked goods and veggies and some of the best chocolates I've ever had.

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        Union Pork Store is a shop you should visit for some good meatsm kielbaba, etc. It's very high quality food.

        1. re: jethro

          I agree. They have excellent franks and bratwurst that is second to none.

        2. re: mickeygee

          Also in Cranford is A Toute Heure (recently mentioned in the NYT) and my favorite restaurant The Italian Pantry. I would say both restaurants offer up the chef's spin on more classic French and Italian cuisine.

          In addition to the cheese shop in Cranford right around the corner is Breadsmith which sells artisan bread. It's not cheap but it's very good.

          The Thailand restaurant mentioned above is great. I swear the one time I ordered their pad thai it was so spicy it completely got rid of my cold. :)

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            Absolutely agree with the Thailand (in Clark) recommendation, best Thai going and they don't "dumb itt down" for the masses so be careful of how hot you think you can handle : ). Also, Star of India in Kenilworth, a little rough around the edges decor wise but food you'll love nad very condusive to sharing different items.

            Star of India Restaurant
            496 Boulevard, Kenilworth, NJ 07033

        3. The Greek Store in Kenilworth

          1. Pulaski Meats in Linden for ALL things Polish.