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Nov 3, 2010 11:03 AM

Bizarre experience with Soup and Noodles (Monkland) today...

So I call Soup and Noodles today (482-6262), make my usual order for pickup. At the end of the order, the lady tells me they have moved 5937 Cote-St-Luc Road.

I was a little surprised, but went to the new address anyway. I pull up to the address and it is a restaurant called "Chez Liang," I open the door (carrying 2 baby seats), and I am met with someone from the restaurant tossing out some high school student. I go past the 2nd door and there is about 15 high school students in a small, generic looking space.

Maybe I shouldn't have gone in to pick up the food, seeing as this place wasn't soup and noodles, but I am a firm believer in paying for your order after making it, so those folks don't waste their time, energy, and supplies on making food that is not paid for. Needless to say, I bring the home food and it is terrible. The orange beef is soggy, overly breaded, tough, and barely any orange taste to it, but a mix of some other fruity flavors that I couldn't quite place. Maybe some sort of marmalade was used in the sauce? The black pepper chicken was also tough, overly peppery, and tasted as though it had been cooked in water that has been sitting out for day. The rice was over seasoned, and all mashed together in the centre.

I know Soup and Noodles is not awesome quality stuff, but sometimes it hits the spot. Chez Liang on the other hand, must be avoided at all costs.

So what happened to soup and noodles on Monklad? Did I just call the wrong number and got duped, or was there actually a move / change in ownership or something?

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  1. The entire little strip mall on Monkland near Draper housing Soup & Noodles is shutting down to make way for condos - the spa next to the resto already moved a while ago. Perhaps S&N sold their biz to Chez Liang?

    Too bad to hear the food was awful. I'd been wondering what would become of Soup & Noodles and will go by there sometime soon to see if there's a message on the door or something and post back here.

    1. So I went by tonight and Soup & Noodles on Monkland is in the process of shutting down. I asked the guys loading the truck if they were moving or just closing, and they said "Chateauguay." So I gather a new S&N outlet is opening out there, while they must have sold their NDG phone number to Chez Liang.

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        Thanks for the info kpzoo. I guess I will just have to make my way downtown if I need a fix!

        1. re: Gregoso

          No problem! Hey, have you (or anyone) tried Red Ginger across from Villa Maria, in the old Village Szechuan spot? I haven't been yet and was wondering what it's like. The old place was so bland I had to stop ordering from there, though their spring rolls were very good.

          Village Szechuan
          4242 Boul Decarie, Montreal, QC H4A3K3, CA

          1. re: kpzoo

            last time I ordered from Village Szechuan, they included a sample of about 6 pieces of Red Ginger sushi. Very subtly flavored. I thought it was lovely. Been meaning to order from there.

            Village Szechuan
            4242 Boul Decarie, Montreal, QC H4A3K3, CA

      2. Walked into the place 2 weeks ago during weekday lunch hour, and there was not a soul in sight, other than a waitress who couldn't be bothered that I was in the place. No customers at lunch? Walked out right away. Shame, was in the mood.

        1. Thanks for the update about Village Szechuan. Their food had deteriorated over the past few years. They went through several new owners. I have not yet tried the successor. We've been going to Caveau on Monkland for a few months. Village Szechuan did have the best spring rolls and plum sauce and dumplings in peanut sauce in the West End. If those dishes are gone, they will be missed. I may try the new place sometime soon.
          There was some kind of split between the Soup & Noodles on Ste-Catherine and the one on Monkland. I never found out all of the details. As far as I could tell, the one on Monkland changed their name but was still using the same logo (kid with a bowl) for a while.