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Nov 3, 2010 09:32 AM

recipe for hot 'Italian' chicken sausage?

I like Whole Foods recipe a lot and would like to make my own-looked on line and all I could find were turkey recipes, none hot.
Does anyone have a good one or suggest a book or source I could go to?



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    1. re: kctraci

      Thanks-it's a start and I can combine with the one I cobbled together


    2. You'd probably get more responses if you posted this on the Home Cooking Board

      1. You could simply find a recipe for pork or turkey sausage and substitute chicken. I've done that a few times with good results. A few tips: use thighs only (white meat lacks flavor and moisture), and keep about half the skin. You can leave out the skin if you must, but I find it improves both flavor and texture. It's best to grind the meat, fold in the spices, then stuff. I find that if you grind and stuff in a single pass the sausage it comes out a bit crumbly, like turkey burger.