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Nov 3, 2010 08:14 AM

Early Dinner near Museum of Science ?

Any recommendations for a good restaurant for an early dinner and drink , within walking distance of the museum ? We are going to park at the museum around 5pm and then have to be back at 6:30.
My DCs suggested NeBo, which I am not opposed to, but wondering if anything else might be closer and/or better? Thank you.

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  1. I'd suggest Bambara, just up Land Blvd, but they don't open for dinner until 5:30. In the Cambridgeside Galleria are CA Pizza Kitchen, Papa Razzi and Cheesecake Factory . :-/ A slightly longer walk away is Similans, a decent Thai place (same owners as Brown Sugar Cafe, I think).

    One Green Line stop away puts you by North Station, which has Boston Beer Works and similar options. Not the best plan if it's a game night, though.

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      I believe Papa Razzi is gone and it is now PF Changs.

    2. Helmand is on First Street, not too far away; maybe a 10 minute walk. Reservations recommended, even at 5:00.

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        2nd Helmand, also Dante is good at near by.

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          Third Helmand. Also, The Similans next door has good Thai food.

          The Similans
          145 1st St, Cambridge, MA 02142

      2. Bambara, Dante or Helmand are all close and all good. If the weather is rainy and awful Bambara and Dante are the two closest. I happen to be a big fan of Bambara. They have a very nice deal from 4-6 with their two dollar appetizers.

        Bambara Restaurant
        25 Edwin H Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA 02141

        1. About a half mile to the Liberty Hotel, where you can eat well at Clink or Scampo!

          215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

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            Thanks for all the recs - we ended up at Bambara as we were late getting to the area and it was so close. We were very pleased - sat at the bar and had excellent service from the bartender.
            We shared a few of the $2 appetizers - herb dusted fries which were done perfectly and the arrancini filled with beef short ribs which were out of this world. Bartender brought us a complimentary cup of the butternit squash soup which was also very good, with a hint of curry.
            We then split their lobster sliders and they were heavenly!

            Another mention of the great service from the bartender - we were very pleased, and it struck me as a kind of place where one would be very well taken care of when dining alone at the bar.

            Bambara Restaurant
            25 Edwin H Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA 02141

            1. re: pasta

              Glad you liked it. Yes, it is very welcoming for the solo diner.The bartenders and staff are always generous with complimentary treats and the occasional certificate for a free course on your next visit. Sometimes I make those two dollar appetizers into a nice dinner while I read the paper and watch the news at the bar. Very nice experience.