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Nov 3, 2010 07:58 AM

Franny's--have the servings gotten smaller?

I went to Franny's last night. It's still super yummy. But both our pasta and, especially, the pizza (meatball) looked significantly smaller than the last time we were there. It's ok to be less stuffed full at the end of a meal and all, and it won't stop me going there, but I just wondered if anyone else had noticed.

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  1. One easy way to tell with the pizza is that it used to be as big as the plate -- hanging over the edge here and there even. Unless they've changed plates -- which I doubt -- that should serve as a good measure.

    1. Was there tonight. Didn't see any shrinkage in the size of the pizzas, in fact they seemed larger than I remembered! Definitely hung over the plate. Can't speak for the pastas as we didn't have any. Everything excellent as always. The chicken liver and pancetta crostini was to die for--I don't know if this is something new but we'd never had it before.