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Nov 3, 2010 07:45 AM

Singapore - Kki French-Japanese patisserie at Ann Siang Hill

Kki at Ann Siang Hill occupied a bright, sunny and very tiny space at a quiet, secluded end of Ann Siang Hill. Its name, we're told, was simplified from "Keki" - Japanese for "cake".

What really impressed us was the meticulous care the pastry chef took in churning out some of the daintiest, lightest & tastiest cakes we'd ever come across in Singapore!

What we had today:
1. Cafe Dumo (sic) - a dome-shaped chocolate mousse filled with a nice crunchy coffee-flavored centre;
2. Emily - a rich delicate champagne mousse cake, layered with a fine strawberry jelly;
3. Kinabaru - identical in shape to Emily, but differentiated thru its striking yellow color. It consisted of a flavorsome coconut mousse layered with the softest passionfruit jelly;
4. And lastly, probably the softest, fluffiest & moistest Japanese-style "cheesecake souffle" we'd ever come across anywhere.

Strange names aside, we loved the cakes. P.S. - they served excellent coffee as well :-)

7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel: 6225 6650
Opening hours: Tue-Fri & Sun Noon-7pm, Sat Noon-4pm. Closed on Monday.

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  1. After over a year reading your post and having been looking forward to trying once, I finally just had a chance to visit K-Ki last weekend :)

    It's a very cute place, indeed. We tried:

    Antoinette- White chocolate mousse with mango in the center
    Fromage Mousse- Cheese mousse with rock melon center
    Little Red Riding Hood- (as ordered, we were advised to eat LRRH the last) super rich yet ethereal dark chocolate mousse with raspberry in the center...

    I really agree with klyeoh as mousse on every piece of cake we tried were so light, delicate and tasty (rich in taste at "just right" level).

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    1. re: NP2

      kki's tiramisu is the best i've tasted anywhere... u might think its just tiramisu, but then the mascarpone layers here is very light, i wonder how they do that..

      1. re: NP2

        Glad to see that the place has remained consistent after all this while, and that you've finally got to try their offerings, NP2 :-)

        1. re: klyeoh

          i was just there 2 hours ago. yes their standard has been kept at a really high level. had the mont blanc, and it just blows a similar offering at antoinette out of the water.

          1. re: akated

            Sounds good, akated.
            BTW, have you also tried other similar French-Japanese spots in Singapore like Flor Patisserie in Duxton Hill or Patisserie Glace in Icon Village for comparison's sake?

            1. re: klyeoh

              i've tried flor, and glace when it was still under chef yamashita.

              kki's cakes are mostly of mousse (think hidemi sugino). very little actual "cake", (except for the baked cheesecake and the chocolate cake, which are not mousse-based). flavours are very well-balanced, and some quite quirky. there is no cake that uses actual "japanese flavours" - no matcha, no red bean, no yuzu-flavoured cakes to be found here at the moment. their cakes are the most presentable overall - very modern; sharp, clean lines etc.

              flor in comparison has more "cake" in their cakes. many japanese flavours - waguri, red bean, matcha etc... in their cakes. many of their cakes are not mousse-based, so people who like more texture in their dessert may like flor more. flor's cakes also has more "bits and pieces" on them, which some people may like as they add textural and flavour interests. presentation-wise, flor is more "traditional" - their cakes certainly do not fall in the "modern" category when it comes to looks.

              have not tried glace since chef yamashita left and opened flor... no stomach for so much desserts. especially since antoinette just opened at scalett hotel!

              1. re: akated

                Looks like you've been exploring patisseries around town. Do you also find Flor's cakes to be more "gaudy", whilst Kki's were more "Zen-like"?

                1. re: klyeoh

                  oh definitely, from the appearance, right down to the taste.

                  1. re: akated

                    kki's owners are huge fans of hidemi sugino, i know the owners adapt some recipes from hidemi's recipe book

                    1. re: Lucil

                      their L.R.R.H. definitely looks like it's inspired by sugino's ambriose...