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Nov 3, 2010 06:28 AM

ISO Best Price?: Laphroaig 10 year old Islay Single Malt Whisky 750ml

Anyone know where to find this scotch in Masschusetts at a good price. A few weeks ago I bought it in NH for about $32. Unfortunately it got drunk. I checked a store in western Mass, but their price was about $55-60. Does Costco in Waltham carry it? If so, any idea what the price might be?

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  1. The Waltham Costco does not carry Laphroaig. I am not surprised since that particular branch has limited liquor selection. In general it seems that Costcos in other parts of the country have better liquor departments.

    Marty's in Newton probably has this whiskey, but I am not optimistic about the price.

    1. That's a reasonably widely-available Scotch, but I expect you won't find it as cheap in MA as in NH. The liquor store next to the Fresh Pond Whole Wallet has a good selection; I'd be surprised if they don't have it.

      1. at $32, maybe you could sell the extra seats in your car for NH liquor store trips and thereby offset the costs associated with driving up there. Like those buses of senior citizens that go to Canada for cheap prescription drugs. I think that happens. I've only seem that in the $50+ range at most the stores in Boston/Cambridge that I frequent.

        1. That seems a great price. Was it on sale? I get Lagavulin for @ $65 in NH and Ashlnand and at Main St. wine and spirits.

          1. The New Hampshire Liquor Store website now has it listed at $45, so you'll probably be doing well to find it for $50 around here.

            Of the places I frequent (Martignetti's, Cambridge Wine & Spirits, Liquor World, occasionally Marty's) Martignetti's tends to have the best prices in general. The one time I went to Atlas Liquors in Medford they had some low prices on certain things as well. Not sure about Laphroaig in particular.