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Nov 3, 2010 05:38 AM

St. Louis: need to know best thin-crust pizza - by Sat NOV 06, please

For his birthday dinner, my significant other wants to go out for "the best thin-crust pizza" in St. Louis. (At a restaurant that also has interesting beer).

Here is the problem: the following restaurants are not suitable for various reasons: Dewey's, jj twigs, Pi, The Good Pie, Imo's, Pirrone's.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. oh boy, you do realize the can of worms you've opened, right?

    1. By eliminating The Good Pie and Pi you've already eliminated the only pizza places with what I'd consider having good beer lists.

      1. If you are talking "St. Louis Style, you won't find much in the way of a beer list.

        Ami's is good but only a few beers.

        1. You don't say what your various reasons are - which makes it hard for us to suggest. Are you in an anti- or pro-provel mode, for instance. Wheelchair accessibility? Smoking? Kid-friendly? We can suggest spots from Failoni's to Pizza World, but you gotta help us out a little more.

          1. Why don't you try National, aka "Natty's," on South Grand, just south of Pho Grand and caticorner from Absolutli Goosed. They serve 3 styles of pie, which they label, Chicago, New York and St. Louis. Obviously the StL will be the thinnest crusted of the 3. I always get the NY (because I think StL-style pizza just sucks), but it may fill your bill; or, even better, maybe the NY pizza at Natty's which is prettty darn good, would be what you'd like. (For the record, I do prefer the pizza at Good Pie and Katies.)