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Nov 3, 2010 04:08 AM

Half off at M Restaurant

Granted I have never been there but someone may appreciate this:

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  1. I used my coupon at the M restaurant and had a fabulous meal. The restaurant is quaint and my husband and I were practically the only people. The food was much more fancier than I expected but such a great deal with the coupon. We started with spiced pecans and 3 cheeses. They did not skimp on the cheese portions and the nuts were addictive. For entrees, we shared the duck and short ribs which were awesome and the presentation of these plates was incredible. We ended the meal with the peanut butter and jelly dessert. The dessert was another complex dish but so interesting.

    I was pretty much blown away by the entire meal and the entrees were reasonbly priced compared to some of the popular byobs. There was affordable wines by the glass also.

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      How much outside the gift cert. did you have to pay? I am saving mine for when they open their awesome courtyard.

    2. There's an interesting series at written by the GM of t his place. It details taking over the restaurant and the hassles involved.