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Nov 3, 2010 12:23 AM

Casual dining?

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Vegas for the weekend of the 19th to celebrate one of his friends' birthday. It's my first time in Vegas and I'm a foodie, so I'm excited...BUT my boyfriend doesn't like fine dining. Any suggestions for a casual dining environment with to-die-for food???

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  1. You will probably get more replies if you mention where you are staying, prefer to dine on or off-Strip (will you have a car?) and general price range-since even the casual spots can be pricey. Also, what type of food do you enjoy?

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      We'll be staying on the Strip, driving in from Los Angeles. I'm ok with driving off-Strip for a good meal. Around $30/person would be optimal. (I generally don't order alcohol with meals.)

      I love steaks, but am open to pretty much any type of cuisine, so long as it's rich and flavorful. My guy particularly likes Southern food (and I'm keen on Cajun and Creole fare), but again, anything is fine as long as he doesn't have to go in a dinner jacket!

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        Lola's sounds like something you both would enjoy:

        Another option is Rhythm Kitchen which offers Southern and Cajun along with steaks:

    2. Firefly on Paradise has fun food, particularly for groups. Great sangrias. Something for everyone.

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        Thank you for the suggestions! We ended up going to Firefly, the location downtown. We got there pretty early, about 5:30 pm, which worked out perfectly because they seated us at a table right by the window. We got to see the Fremont Street Experience while we ate! :)