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Nov 2, 2010 10:12 PM

Cabo San lucas and San Jose del cabo Restaurant recommendation...

Hello everyone, I am looking for good restaurant to eat in my visit to los cabos.

I am open to suggestions.

I am looking for a good sea food restaurant, some good places with international food, fine restaurant and a good place to eat breakfast...

Thank you all.

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    1. re: Mariana in Baja

      Excellent advice, thanks for sharing :)

      1. re: Mariana in Baja

        We had a great meal at Voila last year. In CSL, I lile Mariscos Mazatlan for seafood...shrimp is local and great down there. They have a dish called zarandeado..a whole red snapper, butter flied and grilled.

        Patagonia is a great Argentine steakhouse..few blocks in from Marina

        La Fonda is a great place..short taxi ride from the marina.

          1. re: cabojules

            is this recent? I'm not finding that anywhere online? their website is live.

          1. re: trapper3

            A friend just told me that there is wonderful sushi in the mall where Walmart is - in the food court. Not exactly a destination but it is right next door to Europea - the best place to buy wine and other liquor. I have not been myself but the friend who told me is a true foodie and quite fussy. He also said it was very affordable.

            1. re: Mariana in Baja

              Great, advice... Definitive I will need a good place to buy some wine...thanks... :)

            2. re: trapper3

              Very useful, thanks for sharing...

              1. re: trapper3

                Excelent page thanks for sharing!!!

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                  Hi, do you happen to know the "little hole in the wall joint where local peddlers go for beer and a little lunch. It's on a side street about a block from Peublo Bonito's back entrance, and around the corner from Casa Dorada (I think). They just hired an English speaking mexican from Vancouver who recommended their seafood soup to me. For about 90 pesos ($8), it is made from scratch and loaded with fresh crablegs, shrimps, tender octopus and mussels. Delish!" described by another person on this thread?

                  I've been to Cabo many times and am pretty familiar with the area, will be back again in December - looking forward to finding new spots.

                  So far Gordo Lele's, Maro's, and el Farallon are some of my favorites in CSL ~ thanks in advance!

                2. Tacos Gardenia for lunch (not open past 5) - awesome tacos, shrimp tacos are especially popular, we loved the Shrimp Cocktail. Great prices. We had a lovely dinner at a place upstairs in Puerto Paraiso, but I think it's closed now, was excellent for fresh local seafood. Gordo Lele's for tacos - I would assume he is open for dinner as well as lunch - best tacos in Cabo, and you get entertainment too.

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                  1. re: nsstampqueen

                    Mhhhhh love the tacos!!! :),

                    I will add it to my list thanks for sharing :)

                    1. re: nsstampqueen

                      I'm a big fan of both Gordo Lele's and Tacos Gardenias too. Tacos Gardenia is on the S side of the marina; sort of behind the big plaza. Worth seeking out. Short walk up the hill from Medano Beach.

                      GL is on the other side of town.. a few short blocks from the marina. Really a fun place, nice man and great food.


                      1. re: 9lives

                        Great pics... and also great recomendations, thanks for sharing...


                        1. re: josephml1

                          Enjoy! I go down in 6 weeks, can't wait.

                          1. re: 9lives

                            In 6 weeks me too I will be there the last week of december... :)

                    2. Is Ruth Chris a good option in Los cabos?

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                      1. re: josephml1

                        Just my opinion, but why go to Ruth's Chris when there are so many other options. If you want to have food you can have at home, then I guess it works, however, there are so many other options. Near Ruth's Chris in the Puerto Paraiso Mall upper level there was a fantastic seafood restaurant I can't remember the name right now. We had a very romantic dinner on the patio overlooking the square below (it was almost right above the Harley place and Ruth's Chris), there were candles on the tables and only a few other diners outside, the place supposedly had a shark tank inside, but we never went inside so I missed that. Not sure if it still open, however, if anything else opened in their place the patio was amazing at night! Check out for a list of restaurants in Cabo, the corridor and San Jose. You can also search Trip Advisor for Trapper's List - an excellent and highly regarded listing of all the restaurants in Cabo - great reading too!

                        1. re: josephml1

                          In a word, no..:) unless you're craving a US luxury, steakhouse chain. It has a nice bar and outdoor seating overlooking the marina.

                          I will admit we went a few years ago when we were spending almost 6 weeks in Baja and wanted a taste of home which we got and enjoyed.

                          A far better option if you want beef is a place called Patagonia; Argentinean owned with grass fed beef grilled over an open flame. Offer a variety of cuts, my favorite is vacio or arrachetta. I think they're like a skirt steak and top sirloin. Cuts don't translate exactly to US names and my Spanish is far from perfect. If you like sweetbreads, they do a great version. Argentina is making some good wines and we had a Malbec that I have at home.. and enjoy..TrapicheBroquel

                          They're a few blocks in from the marina, near the old Town Sq where Mi Casa (avoid) is located . Get directions or a short cab ride. The streets are safe to walk but you may have difficulty finding the place.

                          I don't know if $ is an issue, but every time Ms 9 and I go to Patagonia, we laugh about how much more we spent a few blocks away at RC for a far less interesting meal.

                          Mariscos Mazatlan and Patagonia are always "first week" dinners.

                          1. re: 9lives

                            As always your post is very useful...I am taking notes...I will follow your advice.


                            thanks again!!!

                        2. Check out the Baan Thai in San Jose del Cabo. Amazing selection of pan asian food. Try the mussels (they are offered as a special, so ask) Great value, great food everytime.

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                          1. re: cabojules

                            We almost went there and heard great things about it. Even stopped in and ate a few hot peppers with the chefs. Great looking place and it is great to have non MX options when visiting.

                            Just couldn't bring myself to eat Thai in MX when I only had a week in SJD and we have such good Thai in Boston...2 weeks and we'd have gone for sure.