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Cabo San lucas and San Jose del cabo Restaurant recommendation...

Hello everyone, I am looking for good restaurant to eat in my visit to los cabos.

I am open to suggestions.

I am looking for a good sea food restaurant, some good places with international food, fine restaurant and a good place to eat breakfast...

Thank you all.

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      Excellent advice, thanks for sharing :)

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        We had a great meal at Voila last year. In CSL, I lile Mariscos Mazatlan for seafood...shrimp is local and great down there. They have a dish called zarandeado..a whole red snapper, butter flied and grilled.

        Patagonia is a great Argentine steakhouse..few blocks in from Marina

        La Fonda is a great place..short taxi ride from the marina.




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            is this recent? I'm not finding that anywhere online? their website is live.

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            A friend just told me that there is wonderful sushi in the mall where Walmart is - in the food court. Not exactly a destination but it is right next door to Europea - the best place to buy wine and other liquor. I have not been myself but the friend who told me is a true foodie and quite fussy. He also said it was very affordable.

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              Great, advice... Definitive I will need a good place to buy some wine...thanks... :)

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              Very useful, thanks for sharing...

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                Excelent page thanks for sharing!!!

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                  Hi, do you happen to know the "little hole in the wall joint where local peddlers go for beer and a little lunch. It's on a side street about a block from Peublo Bonito's back entrance, and around the corner from Casa Dorada (I think). They just hired an English speaking mexican from Vancouver who recommended their seafood soup to me. For about 90 pesos ($8), it is made from scratch and loaded with fresh crablegs, shrimps, tender octopus and mussels. Delish!" described by another person on this thread?

                  I've been to Cabo many times and am pretty familiar with the area, will be back again in December - looking forward to finding new spots.

                  So far Gordo Lele's, Maro's, and el Farallon are some of my favorites in CSL ~ thanks in advance!

                2. Tacos Gardenia for lunch (not open past 5) - awesome tacos, shrimp tacos are especially popular, we loved the Shrimp Cocktail. Great prices. We had a lovely dinner at a place upstairs in Puerto Paraiso, but I think it's closed now, was excellent for fresh local seafood. Gordo Lele's for tacos - I would assume he is open for dinner as well as lunch - best tacos in Cabo, and you get entertainment too.

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                    Mhhhhh love the tacos!!! :),

                    I will add it to my list thanks for sharing :)

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                      I'm a big fan of both Gordo Lele's and Tacos Gardenias too. Tacos Gardenia is on the S side of the marina; sort of behind the big plaza. Worth seeking out. Short walk up the hill from Medano Beach.

                      GL is on the other side of town.. a few short blocks from the marina. Really a fun place, nice man and great food.


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                        Great pics... and also great recomendations, thanks for sharing...


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                          Enjoy! I go down in 6 weeks, can't wait.

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                            In 6 weeks me too I will be there the last week of december... :)

                    2. Is Ruth Chris a good option in Los cabos?

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                        Just my opinion, but why go to Ruth's Chris when there are so many other options. If you want to have food you can have at home, then I guess it works, however, there are so many other options. Near Ruth's Chris in the Puerto Paraiso Mall upper level there was a fantastic seafood restaurant I can't remember the name right now. We had a very romantic dinner on the patio overlooking the square below (it was almost right above the Harley place and Ruth's Chris), there were candles on the tables and only a few other diners outside, the place supposedly had a shark tank inside, but we never went inside so I missed that. Not sure if it still open, however, if anything else opened in their place the patio was amazing at night! Check out www.loscabosguide.com for a list of restaurants in Cabo, the corridor and San Jose. You can also search Trip Advisor for Trapper's List - an excellent and highly regarded listing of all the restaurants in Cabo - great reading too!

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                          In a word, no..:) unless you're craving a US luxury, steakhouse chain. It has a nice bar and outdoor seating overlooking the marina.

                          I will admit we went a few years ago when we were spending almost 6 weeks in Baja and wanted a taste of home which we got and enjoyed.

                          A far better option if you want beef is a place called Patagonia; Argentinean owned with grass fed beef grilled over an open flame. Offer a variety of cuts, my favorite is vacio or arrachetta. I think they're like a skirt steak and top sirloin. Cuts don't translate exactly to US names and my Spanish is far from perfect. If you like sweetbreads, they do a great version. Argentina is making some good wines and we had a Malbec that I have at home.. and enjoy..TrapicheBroquel

                          They're a few blocks in from the marina, near the old Town Sq where Mi Casa (avoid) is located . Get directions or a short cab ride. The streets are safe to walk but you may have difficulty finding the place.

                          I don't know if $ is an issue, but every time Ms 9 and I go to Patagonia, we laugh about how much more we spent a few blocks away at RC for a far less interesting meal.

                          Mariscos Mazatlan and Patagonia are always "first week" dinners.

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                            As always your post is very useful...I am taking notes...I will follow your advice.


                            thanks again!!!

                        2. Check out the Baan Thai in San Jose del Cabo. Amazing selection of pan asian food. Try the mussels (they are offered as a special, so ask) Great value, great food everytime.

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                            We almost went there and heard great things about it. Even stopped in and ate a few hot peppers with the chefs. Great looking place and it is great to have non MX options when visiting.

                            Just couldn't bring myself to eat Thai in MX when I only had a week in SJD and we have such good Thai in Boston...2 weeks and we'd have gone for sure.

                          2. Make sure to get reservations if you are dining in San Jose Del Cabo. We spent a LOT of time waiting because the restaurants get filled up. And, the hosts seem to tell you that it will only be X amount of time but, in fact, it is a LOT longer. So, get those reservations and enjoy!!

                            1. Just returned from CSL, and my 3 picks are:
                              Maria Corona is a lovely mid-price Mexican restaurant with great mole poblano. It's just a little off the main drag and your taxi driver will take you there.

                              I still find the Galeon a great restaurant after many years of dining (maybe 20?). Valentino, their piano player, must be over 80 by now but still plays great music. The Italian cuisine is authentic as any I've tried elsewhere around the whole.

                              A neat fine on this trip - a little hole in the wall joint where local peddlers go for beer and a little lunch. It's on a side street about a block from Peublo Bonito's back entrance, and around the corner from Casa Dorada (I think). They just hired an English speaking mexican from Vancouver who recommended their seafood soup to me. For about 90 pesos ($8), it is made from scratch and loaded with fresh crablegs, shrimps, tender octopus and mussels. Delish!

                              1. any updates to this thread? Heading down next month. thnx.

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                                  You will definately want to find locations with a/c as July is warmer. I recommend reading the trip advisor board also. Just make sure the restaurant is still open as many have closed in recent months.

                                  1. re: cabojules

                                    thnx. closed as in for season or out of business?

                                    1. re: edible complex

                                      Some are closed permanently. Typically restaurants that close for the slow season, only close in the later part of the summer for a month or so. The economy has caused many businesses (restaurants) to shutter their doors

                                2. Just returned from SJD and have the following recommendations%3

                                  El Herredera - Best Aguachille Camarone around. Their servings are HUGE. They also have outstanding molcajetes there.

                                  Mi Casa - typical place, but get talking to the owner about doing something special and he will work with you. Have him call "Nemo" the fish supplier. We had Nemo bring in several large Snapper to choose from. Then had the chef butterfly the fish and rub in a traditional spicy seasoning. The entire restaurant applauded when it finally came out. It was absolutely perfect.

                                  Tequila - have Rosario as your waiter. Sample the Wonton Shrimp, Sauteed Octopus and Tequila Shrimp. Outstanding. Rosario is also very proficient at walking you through a tequila tasting if you wish.

                                  Morgan's - the Chile Relleno stuffed with shrimp and oaxaca cheese is off the charts. Everything on the menu is good, but stick with the nightly specials. I had the tuna, rubbed with blackend seasoning and then grilled on either side for a 2 minutes to keep the center rare. Sat next to Mike Shanahan which was pretty cool - I guess the strike has afforded him some vacation time! LOL

                                  WARNING: DO NOT GO TO BAJA BLUE! This is a bar/night club. A friend got jumped by three locals for no reason other than to "Teach All Gringos a Lesson" as they said while running off.

                                  1. anyone have an opinion on El Farallon?

                                    also found this article:

                                    1. just returned from a feeding frenzy~
                                      first night, we went to Europea to stock up on Wine, Champagne, Beer and Kahlua and to WalMart for basics for our week at the Misiones.
                                      headed next door for a late dinner at Puerta Vieja of margaritas (best of the trip), guacamole, grilled asparagus w/goat cheese and grilled shrimp, lobster and lamb chops. for starters, they bring out pickled veggies and cactus and salsas. I could have made a meal on the cactus.

                                      started the next morning looking for the farmers' market, but was not season, so settled on some mixed grilled seafood tacos at EAT at Palmilla. headed into SJD for some shopping at MEGA market and hit the jackpot. loaded up on guac, ceviches, stuffed rellenos, mole', cactus, various tacos, meats and cheeses, salsas for the week~great fare for sunrise beach picnics with the champagne. dinner that night at Sunset da Mona Lisa. 3 attempts at margaritas went bad, so switched to red wine. noshed on some pizza and melanzane parmigiana watching the sunset. great location for happy hour sunsets, but had been advised from local foodies not to do the big dinner there.

                                      next day started w/sunrise birthday brekkie on the beach w/bubbles, huevos rancheros, chilaquiles w/chicken and beer at The Office. headed back to SJD for the art stroll and happy hour at Mi Cucina at Casa Natalia. planned on dinner, but they were slammed that night but the hour wait for the table and then no service for 30 mins after being seated had us leaving before eating. happy to get back and nosh on the MEGA finds.

                                      fabulous dinner next night at La Golondrina started with scallop carpacio and mixed seafood ceviche. throughly enjoyed the sea bass, chicken mole and steak quesadilla. the menu is insanely huge and they will fix any combination of what suits you. nice wine list, great service, and beautiful courtyard.

                                      headed into CSL for some early dinner the next day at Tacos Gardenia. killer fried shrimp and fired fish tacos. the shrimp molcajete is not to be missed. margaritas were huge and tasty. best tacos of the trip! I was last seen sucking up the last of the shrimp molcajete sauce with a straw.

                                      it wouldn't be a sunday without a sunrise beach brekkie. headed into CSL later for a sunset sail, snorkel and sushi with Cabo Sailing. great sail! ended the evening at Blue Marlin for some fish tacos and guac.

                                      the next day we started with a early lunch at Los Michoacanos. wicked good pork! had some carnitas, gordiatas, tacos, and various salsa. found this gem after reading a Rick Bayless blog...thanks! was in a pig paradise. later that night, we had a hankering for lobster, so headed to Villa Serena as it was next to the condo. lobster was okay, but the restaurant suffered a power outage so we couldn't linger and had to cut the evening short.

                                      checked into the Westin for the last night and hung out at the pool for some lunch at La Playa. they do make a nice Tres Ceviches. went to dinner at Nick San at the Palmilla. Best. Sushi. Ever. started with some mango scallop gratinee, and fresh salmon and fresh yellowtail w/cilantro cream. the tuna tostada is not to be missed. they make a mean spider roll as well. found a Santo Tomas Rose that worked well w/the meal. rounded out the dinner w/some salmon roe sushi.

                                      on the way to the airport our last morning, we stopped at the Tropicana Inn for some chilaquiles w/chicken and roasted potatoes and peppers.

                                      wish we had more time to try Cabo Winery, Blue Fish, Opus, El Chilar, Local 8 and Mariscos las Tres Islas...all recommended by some local foodies. best meals of the trip by far were La Golondrina, Tacos Gardenias, Los Michoacanos, and Nick San. so glad we hit the Mega hard and stocked up w/local fare for our condo to fill in between going out...cheers!

                                      1. Just returned on Thursday. As mentioned previously, Gordo Le Le has the BEST Carne Asada tacos in CSL. Tiny, local and outstanding.

                                        Our favorite nice restaurant was Edith's. Hillside, behind Hacienda, small view of the water. The had lobster, huge shrimp, sea bass, NY strip, filet mignon and ribeyes in addition to Mexican fare. The tuna tar tar appetizer is delish.

                                        The best guacamole (& we tried it every place we went) was at the bar on the marina right next to the huge marlin statue thing. Not solomon's, but the place that has a bucket of 5 beers with chips/salsa for $9.99.

                                        We loved CSL! Bought a timeshare on day 2!

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                                          Any recent updates to this thread? Right now on our list of maybe is:
                                          Nick San
                                          Flora's Field Kitchen
                                          Nana Rosa
                                          Hacienda Cantina y Cocina
                                          Las Guacamayas
                                          (also a handful of taco spots for lunch, Gardenia, Le Le, etc.)
                                          Thoughts on any of these places? We're interested in high end or casual... mostly Mexican, nothing overly touristy... Just good flavors! Thanks!!

                                          1. re: jdream

                                            I think for just good flavors, and good value you would be missing the boat if you didn't try Baan Thai in the Art District in San Jose. Check out there reviews on tripadvisor. Locals eat there.

                                            1. re: cabojules

                                              I think we're going to pass on Thai when we're there. Although I'm sure it's delicious there's a ton of that in NY. Here's the final list of places I think we want to try:
                                              Deckman, Nick San, Flora Farm, La Fonda, Hacienda Cocina y Cantina. We also plan to do a little taco crawl one night in San Jose and go to Guacamaya and El Ahorcado.

                                              Taco Gardenia, Gordon Lele, Los Michoacanos, Marisco el Torito.

                                              What do you think of this list? Anything we're missing or really need to add?

                                            2. re: jdream

                                              Add Edith's to your list. You will not be disappointed. We went there twice in one trip. They also offered to cook any fish we caught. Best service we experienced in Cabo.

                                              1. re: chispa_c

                                                We're in Cabo right now and very impressed with Bar Esquina in the Bahia Hotel. it's just a few steps from Edith's. New restaurant, new chef.
                                                I highly recommend the pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil. it is outstanding.

                                                To impress your date, Sunset Mona Lisa is still a great place for a romantic dinner. The food is so so, but it's the jaw dropping scenery and ambiance that you're really there for..

                                                1. re: yummytummy

                                                  Thanks for the 411! We'll be back in June and will certainly check out the other places you mention.

                                          2. just got back from a week in sjd. first time here and we rented a car. easy place to navigate. tried to find the marisco place near the airport because we were hungry when we landed but there was no way to find it. there are lot of places that sell marisco so we gave up. on the ride into sjd heading south i saw a place as you just get into sjd, on the northbound side, that is called the best fish tacos in los cabos. it was in spanish with the english underneath. it was abot 3pm and there were a number of people there so i did a uturn and we ate there. excellent little place. fish tacos were 17 pesos. they also had scallops, squid, smoked marlin, etc. we also had a 1/2 order of aguachile. they have a huge selection to pile on in the middle of the restaurant. the usual guacamole, pico de gallo, salsas , cabbage but also fried onion rings, jalapenos, salad. really cheap, fast and good.
                                            we then hit the mega, i love that place.
                                            that night we drove into sjd and it was dark and i had no idea where i was. we ended up just short of the zocalo so we ate at habanero's. it was all tourists and i was not happy but wtf. i had a chicken stuffed with hualtacoche, it was good but i didn't expect it to be deepfried. most everyone else was eating ribs and usual fare. not bad but not worth seeking out.
                                            the next night we at at barrio del tango. argentine meat place. very local. loved it. they had a menu translated into english. the sangria with nuts was terrific. the queso melted on the grill with mushrooms was great. and the vacia argentino was an amazingly tasty and tender piece of meat. i brought back half of it for tacos for lunch the next day.
                                            went to csl the next day and lasted an hour. horrible. we ate at tacos gardenia and again, all tourists. it was good but not like the first place.
                                            we had a beer at baja brewing co and i'm glad we didn't eat there. good brews but only pizza and burgers.
                                            we took a day trip to todos santos and it's nice litle arty town. lots of expats. beware, the rroads are being fixed and it took over 2 hours to get there. horrible ride. nothing to rave about there but on the way home, we went north towards la paz and cut across the mountains. longer trip but at least we moved and the mountain ride was beautiful. we stopped in el triufe(?) the first town when you cut across on a recomendation from some expat in todos santos. an american baker opened a little place there, it is atown of about 200 and he sells pizza! and it was really good. it also cost about 220 peso which is about $18us. in the middle of nowhere. we had an arugala and prociutto pizza. amazing world we live in. if you go, it's the ONLY restaurant in town.
                                            the next evening was deckmans. excellent. upscale casual with very tasty food. more expensive than fish tacos but we had more than enough food, mostly delicious with cocktails and wine and the total for 3 was about $130. highly recommended and don't miss the octopus with pork belly. great service and drew deckman came out to meet us after dinner. interesting guy and i wish him luck. he told us it was just their 1 year anniversary and coincidently, so did the people ay barrio del tango.
                                            the next afternoon we wanted tacos so we tried to find the hangman. i even drew a map from their website but it was not to be found. where i expected to find it was a birria place. and it was crowded so we ate there. birria is a goat stew/soup. this place was sooo local and it was very tasty. spicy, meaty, delicious. be daring and try it. birria, con chivo.
                                            that night we went back to barrio del tango and had some cheese and empanadas because we were still full from the birria. and some more sangria.
                                            on the way home we went back for fish tacos at the first place and it was great again. so please use my recs as a guide but be daring and don't eat at the places all the tourists go to. it will be much more memorable.

                                            1. Highlights from our recent Cabo trip:

                                              Artichoke's Heart (Corazon)
                                              Flora Farm
                                              La Fonda
                                              Hacienda Cocina y Cantina (outstanding!!)

                                              Nik-San - a little too oily,creamy, fou fou on the sushi this year. Usually a fan, not this year.

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                                                When I'm not cutting my own, yellowtail, tuna and sierra mackeral are abundant, I prefer Sushi Art to Nik San. It's smaller and more personal with excellent quality . Used to be a fan of Nik San..but gave up on it a few years ago. At Sushi Art, I let the owner pick the dishes and I've always been very pleased.

                                                We're considering Flora Farm next year. I'm on their Facebook page (recommended) and looks great...although a little difficult to get to.

                                              2. Thought I would revive this to see if there were any new places people recommended. We were in Los Cabos last year and walked away with Hacienda Cantina y Cocina and Las Guacamayas being run away favorites. Also French Riviera for shockingly good pastries. Will definitely be returning there this year.

                                                This is a list of spots that caught my eye this year in searching. Would love to know if anyone has thoughts on them or any other recommended spots. A little info is that we're from Manhattan (my boyfriend is a chef and I also work in the restaurant business) and are not looking to have Thai food or anything super American-y. We're open to dirty hole in the wall spots or nice restaurants. Just great food!

                                                Nana Rosa
                                                Meson del Angel
                                                Barrio del Tango
                                                Marisco Los Toritos
                                                El Ahorcado/The Hangman

                                                Bonus points for great local spots or nice settings. Thanks much!

                                                1. Reminds me...when we were there in July, someone mentioned (a cab driver) a woman from CA who has moved to Cabo and opened her own scratch bakery somewhere on the same road that Coyote is on. If anyone has any other info on that, I'd love to hear it. When locals start going to a bakery well known to be owned/run by a chick from CA, I want to know about it.