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Nov 2, 2010 08:02 PM

Has anyone tried Cholon in Denver? Thoughts or suggestions for dishes/ to get?

Hi Chowhounders,
Has anyone tried Cholon yet? I expect service will take some time to work itself out (or perhaps it's already good!) so I'm looking more for your thoughts & impressions on the food.

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  1. We went about a week after opening and split a few apps and one of the wok dishes (chicken fried rice with the poached egg which keeps it nice and moist) along with a couple of their signature cocktails. Beautiful interior, although the generic rock music playing detracted a bit from that—reminded me of spending hundreds of dollars at Babbo while listening to AC/DC. You are definitely helping subsidize that prime real estate and sumptuous interior, as well as all the kitchen gadgets that have been featured in the media, but the food is worth it. Everything we sampled was delicious. Service needed a little polish, but hopefully that will work itself out. We had the Kaya Toast which you dip into an egg mixture, Chili Crab Rolls (loved the Sriracha tingle), steaming hot Gruyere cheese soup dumplings which disappear far too quickly, and pork belly pot stickers with ginger mustard.

    Westword and Denver Magazine both had great previews which convinced me to check them out:

    Their website:

    1. We went last week for lunch. Ambiance was really nice and service was smooth; must have worked out the kinks a little since rlm was there. We ordered a variety of small plates to share. Our favorite was the Shrimp Cake with Nuoc Cham and Lettuce (although the nuoc cham was more limey then I was used to). We also liked the Chili Crab Roll (like a goi cuon / spring roll); the roll was stuffed with a crab salad made with the rice noodle rather than the traditional goi cuon. But it was good! Also liked the Gruyere soup dumpling. And the Pan Fried Catfish was a nicely seasoned dish! We also ordered the Green Curry: broth was thinner than traditional Thai curry and the vegetable were grilled before being combined with the broth for a great smokey curry!

      All in all lunch was pretty good! But it's a different experience than going to Saigon Bowl on Federal and Alameda and you'll pay accordingly. Apparently the restaurant started offering happy hours the day we went: drinks specials but no food specials yet.

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        rlm & bouldereater, thanks for sharing and details. Having just moved to the area, I'm still working down my list of places to eat and Cholon sounds like it's probably worthwhile to put on the list. I like the concept and I'm interested on the "play" with Asian flavors/dishes.

        While nothing beats out "traditional" places like Viet's, New Saigon, etal (I haven't been to Saigon Bowl but it sounds like another I need to add to the list), I'm always open to things that are fusions, experimental, etc.

        Quick question - was the soup dumpling actually soupy inside (i.e. liquid came pouring out when you broke the seal)? Had a disappointing "soup" dumpling at Tag last weekend and wanted to make sure that I understood what I would be ordering (if that makes sense).

        I think I've got my eye on the Kaya toast, Chili Crab Roll, Shrimp Cake & Gruyere Soup Dumplings (maybe, depending on the answer to the question above).

        Viet's Restaurant
        333 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219

        New Saigon Restaurant
        630 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219