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Nov 2, 2010 07:24 PM

SAIT Highwood Dining

I have never been to the Highwood Dining at SAIT. Has anyone been their for their fall menu and was was your impression?

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  1. A large group of us dined there about 2 weeks ago. Overall impression was pretty good. I was not impressed, however, when the bar waiter refused to get me a glass a water and said "water will be around when the food comes". I was not totally surprised though as a couple of years ago, when dining with my husband the bar waiter asked us "whaddya wanna drink?". The staff are essentially students and learning and gaffes like these are to be expected.

    I had the lobster bisque which was slightly oversalted, plus I found a shrimp at the bottom of my cup (I guess used to enrich the stock). My Caesar Salad dressing was overly thick and glopped on, but otherwise tasted good. I had the duck appetizer with duck proscuitto which was was very good. For my main I had the tenderloin- it was perfectly done but unfortunately it had a large piece of gristle running through it. One of my dining companions found the same thing. Service by our waiter was impeccable; he told us he had worked at the dining room for a very long time and I suspect he was an instructor as he was seeming to carefully observe the other staff.

    Dessert was the highlight of the evening. I suggest the hazelnut dessert (I forget what it was called) which had a gorgeous presentation. Even though there were some glitches through the meal, we found it very good value and Sait was very accomodating to our group of 20. We had a great time. Also, make sure you're not in a hurry as dinner tends to run 2 1/2 to 3 hours in length. I've also been to the Thursday buffet lunch which is excellent and I actually prefer it to the dinner. The buffet lunch books up months in advance. A couple of weeks ago they were booking into January.

    1. Once a year the Calgary Celiacs Chapter organzies a gluten free dinner at SAIT. Always excellent, always sold out.