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Nov 2, 2010 06:52 PM

pizza cones

Spotted a new place on St-Denis above Duluth, something called Conie's advertising "everything you want in a cone!" and offering pizza cones. Anyone tried it?

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  1. there's one in atwater metro and they look disgusting

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    1. re: celfie

      Just the concept sounds disgusting.

    2. Of all the cockamamie food fads, how did this one get here so fast? There's a place on the West-Island, two in the metro, one on Saint-Denis, I wonder where else. I haven't tried it, and I'm not inclined to. I'm sure pizza cones have their salty, greasy charm. I just hope for the sake of the people who are starting these businesses that there's a market for them.

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      1. re: SnackHappy

        this falls into the same class as liquid nutrition, yeh, wrap city, sushi shop, bofinger etc
        completely and utterly useless eateries
        when will these people who are opening these places learn that these food 'systems' have no charm or personality and ultimately no longevity
        it's so surprising how few entrepreneurs have caught on that mid-priced fastish restaurants with character are sorely lacking in this city. pizza cones are an embarrassment - i can't believe the lack of creativity. The kiosk in Atwater metro is called Kono Pizza - can you think of a less inspired name???

        Sorry, it just makes me so mad --- if I didn't already have my life planned out, I would definitely open a restaurant to fill the void. You can't even get a decent sandwich in most of the city without some jerk putting slices of pear in it.

          1. re: celfie

            Out of the blue, what would you consider a decent sandwich?

            And i agree that this cone pizza concept doesn't look appetizing! I do like once in a while those pizza by the slice with the oily film on top, and fold it to eat it, but a cone pizza?? there is something not right i think

            1. re: westaust

              This isn't even called Kono Pizza and looks like a franchise of some sort. And it is a second floor walk up, not sure how many people will venture up for that. Even my kids, who are avid fast foodies, think the idea is unappealing.

              And why are people putting pear on sandwiches?

              1. re: Plateaumaman

                Pear and brie. It think it's a Toronto thing.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  you understand snackhappy

                  i personally have never liked brie on any sandwich i've had
                  unless it's a brie sandwich, in which case keep it simple stupid

        1. I was curious, so I checked on an Italian chowhound-type forum to see what they might think of the whole pizza cone concept. Well. you guessed it! Most of the people on this forum would really love to try it and actually think it's a great idea. After all, most of them use their hands when it comes to eating pizza. Here's the link for those who want to read the reactions...

          1. You guys know that Kono Pizza is an Italian franchise right?

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            1. re: vanierstudent

              Newsflash: There is crappy food in Italy too....

              1. re: thelonious777

                yeah, but people was saying that it was a North American idea, which it isn't. Then again I never tried it.

                EDIT: also, we should also let someone try it first before bashing it. Even if it sound horrible.

                1. re: vanierstudent

                  some things require no tasting like the double down or baconator. i mean if that's what you like go for it. i mean, i kind of like wendy's but baconator = no way. pizza cones look sick

                  1. re: celfie

                    The double down reputation is so overrated. I think a bigmac as more grease and more salt.

                    But then again, that's why I'm waiting for a friend to try it before making any comment on the product itself=)

                  2. re: vanierstudent

                    This is a helpful review (link below). I might venture out for the experiment one of these days and will snap some photos but must admit I'm in no rush, lukewarm fillings and all. Very cool about the Italians!


                    1. re: Plateaumaman

                      DH and I tried the Kono outlet in McGill metro today (me at lunch, he at dinner). In both our cases all the layers of cheese and fillings were fully hot & melted all the way through - that review was from March so it's possible they've fixed whatever timing issues were causing that.

                      In terms of flavour, it was actually pretty tasty! I think I put too many veggies on mine, probably better to keep it simple. Both of us noted a deliciously addictive quality to the way the cheese mixes with the sauce - very tasty, almost like a bolognese sauce. When you get to the very tip of the cone it's pretty much just melted cheese on dough - the moment when shoddy ingredients are exposed with nowhere to hide. Surprisingly, the last few bites were tasty in their own way - did not taste like crapola greaseball cheese to me. It was good.

                      The things do take quite a few minutes to assemble and bake, during which time you get to watch them rotate around their timed circuit through the convection oven (and stare at the tray of fresh-baked cookies strategically placed right in your face). Having gotten my cone to go I can confirm that it's much better-suited to carrying around than a stack of 2 slices. I wasn't able to open mine up until about 15-20 min later, and the crust was still firm and completely intact - granted, it was not quite as good as the one straight out of the oven which I tried later (that one was super crispy), but even after 20 minutes it was still decent and held up way better than a slice (or even a whole pizza) would have.

                      That said, it's obviously not a high-end gourmet experience or anything. In particular I found the sausage and pepperoni to be a bit disappointing, but the bacon was good, and there are some nice touches available like marinated red onions which add a nice flavor.

                      The lady who runs the McGill one was surprisingly warm and friendly. She boasted that she makes the soup fresh from scratch each day. Today it was some kind of cream of veggie concoction and was surprisingly good, esp. coming from a location that used to house a cruddy 99c pizza joint. A nice touch.

                      1. re: anachemia

                        Thanks for the review. I'd try it.

                        I think you really explained it well, it's not a high end gourmet experience. But there is a market for these on-the-go foods. Personnally, i work in an office and don't always have time to go eat out at a restaurant. So what do we do? A couple of us girls grab the first tasty wrap like item and eat as we walk through the mall, window shopping. But wraps get old so i am looking forward to a few more options :)

                        So before you all knock it. Judge it by keeping in mind it's real category: a new type of fast-food. Last i looked, the standards in that category were pretty low anyways...

                        1. re: anachemia

                          I thought they heated and served pre-made frozen cones. I didn't realize you get to choose your toppings. What other toppings are there to choose from?

                          1. re: mainsqueeze

                            Nah, they put it together right in front of you - alternating sauce, cheese, toppings several times. The cones seem to be par-baked and are probably frozen at some point (they are apparently shipped from Italy), but if so I think they're defrosted by the time they fill them.

                            As for toppings, IIRC the meat choices were chicken breast (large shreds), bacon bits, spicy / regular sausage (cubes), cut triangles of pepperoni, and cubes of ham. Veggies include green olives, black olives, broccoli, red pepper, green pepper, mushroom, marinated red onions, and probably a few others that escape me now. I seem to think you can choose other cheeses too (one of the menu options is Ham & Cheese) but I could be wrong about that.

                            All in all it seems like the toppings are cut to be smaller and more 3-D, which makes it easier to eat (and tastier since they are dispersed better).

                            They offer breakfast options as well as dessert cones but I didn't try either of those.

                            1. re: anachemia

                              Went to pick up two pepperoni cones at Conie's on St-Denis. Took a certain amount of time to prepare, lots of layers of sauce and cheese and the guy microwaved the pepperoni. I was surprised that the cone wasn't more dough-y and didn't rise very much. It was crunchy all around and really felt like a pizza slice rolled up, with more cheese in the middle. My kids ate them (I can't eat cow's milk cheese) and enjoyed them. One son thought maybe less sauce and no pepperoni would be better, the other said more sauce and more pepperoni so I guess those nuances could be requested. Cost $9 for the two cones. I asked them if they saw any advantages over a regular pizza slice and they said no, could not see the point. If you are trying to replace a slurply deep-fried panzerotto, however (is anyone doing that?) I can see how this would be marginally less calorific.

                              1. re: Plateaumaman

                                those pictures are truly unappetizing
                                i mean, enjoy your pizza cones everyone
                                i will continue abstaining from cheap
                                pizza in this god awful pizza nightmare

                2. so i just had this as a "snack". It's.. not the best thing out there but i wouldn't call it disgusting. It's not worth 5.06 though, i would pay top 2.50 for it. My biggest beef is that the crust is semi hard, and it taste like a very cheap pizza crust (reminds me of the 49c pizza spot near conU about 10 years ago). The stuffing kind of masked everything, but would not bother going there again, even if i was starving. I would rather go to McDo. But at least I can say i tried it.