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Nov 2, 2010 05:56 PM

Antigua, GT: Fat Cat Coffee House – Antigua's best cup of coffee … Caliente como el infierno, negro como el diablo, puro como el angel, dulce como amor

Located one half block from La Merced, Fat Cat has only been open four months, but the owner, Gerson, has been a barista for many years and has some impressive creds. This is also a school for baristas.

The espresso drinks use R. Dalton coffee from Finca Filidelfia. My Spanish fails me a bit, but I think they rotate the beans for the drip and French press coffees. Currently there is Pacamara and Bourbon.

I had the Pacamara today which was a lovely medium-strong roast. It is a pleasure to be able to talk ‘coffee’ with someone in Gautemala, despite the fact my language is English and his is Spanish.

He said the Bourbon is his favorite. I’m looking forward to trying that tomorrow. Gerson talked about the acidity and different flavors in that bean including something about it having orange or citrus notes.

The cappuccino was not only beautiful, it was perfect. Unlike so many cappuccinos I’ve tried in Guatemala, the milk did not dominate. It was nicely balanced with the coffee flavor front and center.

The counter has lots of coffee magazines to read (in Spanish though). There are other pastries and some snacks.

And, the house-made chocolate cupcake was great. I’m starting to miss cupcakes and this is the first I’ve seen in Guatemala. It can match the best in my home town of San Francisco, Ca. The cake was light and the frosting had a lovely chocolate flavor.

It wasn’t the overdone production number that cupcakes have become in the US. It is what cupcakes are all about … simplicity, innocence and pure goodness.

I am in Spanish school and my free time is limited. Yet … even though probably not one person will rush there tomorrow … I could not wait to get home to report about this great café.

It is a small, simple but pleasant place, but there is coffee greatness here.

Lecture time. This place is what Chowhounding is all about. This is a little place mentioned nowhere. It doesn’t advertise. It is the place everyone passes by everyday but they never stop. All I can say is at least walk in the doors of some of these unknown joints. You may find a hidden gem.

More photos in my Flickr photostream. I’ll be adding to it as I try more at Fat Cat.

Restaurant record with address, phone, hours and other info.

My practically fruitless quest for the past few months to find decent coffee in Guatemala seems to have finally ended. The food gods have smiled on me. Fat Cat is directly across the street from the home where I am staying. I’m looking forward to at last having a good cup of coffee every morning for the next two weeks.

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  1. Does anyone know if I can buy beans from here?

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      Yeah, but they don't roast. They use various beans that are sold at other places around the city.

      I've since fallen in love with Fernando's, so those beans are great. And Bagel Barn reallydoes a nice bean. I think I got over imppressed by the cappucino art at Fat Cat and just the fact he was the first and one of the few places that was serious about beans.

      I still like Fat Cat a lot. I like talking to him about what he is brewig. I just don't know if he's going to make it. It is in a slightly off location for that area, and a newer coffee shop opened on the corner across the street from La Merced. I didn't have a chance to thry that yet.

      Skip Cafe Barista which is right on the Park. I've written about on of their Guatemala City locations. It's not the worse chain coffee (Cafe Gitane gets that honor) but it's not the best either ... chain-wise that goes to & Cafe. Not sure if they have an Antigua location. Not worth seeking out, but a good cup of coffe if you are right there and craving a cup.

      1. re: JazzyK

        Here is a person who roasts and ships from Guatemala. I have had very good luck with him. His name is Mike

        1. re: paul balbin

          An update - sadly Fat Cat closed and has been replaced by a bio-laundry which I assume is something that is earth-friendly