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Nov 2, 2010 04:43 PM

Grocery Outlet, November 2010

Oakland Grocery Outlet, last Monday afternoon, Nov. 1

oh, and the veggie tacos ($1.25 each) from the truck in front are good with white cheese, avocado and some char on the pinto beans.


-$11.99 for Okocim OK pale lager from Poland, 12-11.2 oz. bottles, 5.6% ABV, tasty, some fruitiness, not up to Pilsner Urquell standards but worthwhile,

-$5.99, Andersen Valley High Rollers Wheat Beer, 5.30% ABV, 6-12 oz. bottles, filtered (without the residue at the bottom of brewer's yeast full of B vitamins),

-$4.99, several Fife reds and a rosé from 2000 – 2004. Picked up a 1993 Fife Napa Zin, old vines. haven't opened yet,

-$14.99, Villa Hermosa 2006 and 2007 cabs. The 2005 , which they didn't have, received very good reviews but don't know if it carries over to the following two years, couldn't find any tasting notes,

-$5.99, Axis 2006 Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley


-$2.99, Kretschmer Wheat Germ, original toasted, 20 oz. jar, looking for more B vitamins,

-$.99, Pacific Organic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup, 32. oz. reduced sodium, gluten free, from Pacific Food of Tualatin, OR, might go well when served cold with the Anderson Valley wheat beer,

-$3.99, Bolero triple-milled Shea butter soap, 4 – 4 oz. bars, made in US in attractive box with Norman Rockwell repro from Saturday Evening Post on front, will get a few more for gifts and

-$1.99, Ethnic Gourmet Butternut Squash Ravioli with gorgonzola cheese and pecans, frozen 10 oz. carton, from a division of Hain Celestial. Would this go with the Axis Pinot?

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  1. In Oakland yesterday:

    Niman Ranch Uncured Fearless Franks, ($1.99 / 1 lb package.
    Barrington organic tea (black and green), 100 bags / $2.79. (I didn't buy).
    Aidell's Pineapple and Bacon Smoked Chicken sausages ($7.99 / 2 lbs)

    I've had the pineapple/bacon/chix sausages...very nice. Bacon-y taste but mostly chicken.

      1. re: Cross Eyed Bear

        I did try the Axis and liked it - saw someone cart off a case of it a few weeks ago. I'm not a wine expert but noticed what seemed like aromas of cranberry and licorice. If you try it let me know what you think.



        1. re: zippo

          Redwood City is out of the Axis Pinot.

          Anyone know where they still have inventory?

          1. re: maxmanx

            None in Berkeley yesterday. Don't know about Oakland. Anyone?

            1. re: maxmanx

              was in Oakland GO yesterday and may have seen the Axis pinot but not 100% sure.

        2. in Oakland on Saturday they had 16-oz. tubs of premade guacamole for $3.99. They say "Yucatan 95% Avocado!" on the front and that representation seems to be honest because I am sure the tub has more avocado in it than I could have bought fresh and ripe for $3.99. Nice and chunky too.

          1. Grocery Outlet Wine Sale - all wine is 20% off for five days from Wed. November 10th through Sun. Nov. 14th

            1. While not in a Bay Area store, found some good things yesterday that you might spot in a local GO.

              Hebrew National knockwurst, $1.49
              Oscar Meyer bacon, 8 oz, $1.29 (also saw 16 oz maple cured for double the price, but Mom likes to buy 2 small packs instead)

              Apparently November is cheese month at GO. Snofrisk is back, lots of brie including a mini extra creamy Alouette round for $2.99, organic Rumiano monterey jack @ $3.99/lb, chevre, extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar, raw milk Irish cheddar, and more.

              Then be sure to stop by the cookware aisle. Many items from Good Cook and Mario Batali's line made by Copco that would make good stocking stuffers this holiday season.

              Batali flexible nylon turner, $2.99 ($6.45 Amazon)

              Batali silicone basting brush, $2.99 ($11.94 Amazon)

              Batali silicon risotto spatula, $2.99 ($11.14 Amazon)

              I really like the contoured handle on the risotto spatula, but note that the thumb grip makes it a right-handed tool.

              Chicago Cutlery 7" Santoko stainless steel knife, $6.99 ($12.99 Amazon)
              Yes, Chicago Cutlery is not what it used to be, and this is not the greatest santoku knife. What I do like about it is the light weight, wide blade, and the balance/handle fits my hand well. Using it to chop onions last night, those with beefier fingers might whack their knuckles on the board as there's not that much clearance. As the reviews on Amazon note, the initial honing is a bit rough, but once I take a steel to it, this blade is quite satisfactory. It will be a good addition to my mom's kitchen, giving her something lighter to use than her Chinese cleavers and heavy Solingen steel Henckels knives. It's well worth $7 as a supplemental tool and we'll keep it.

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Just a quick WARNING about Batali flexible turners. I have had nothing but GRIEF using them, they're too thick and just push whatever it is you want to flip around in the pan. I paid much bigger bucks for them at some snooty gourmet store like Sur La Table.